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Alt titles: The Slayers

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Meet Lina Inverse, a mighty sorceress who fights evil in the name of... greed, gluttony and black magic?! When she meets Gourry, a swordsman whose skill with the blade is rivaled only by his stupidity, Zelgadis, a grumpy sorceror who's been turned into a golem, and Rezo, a priest known for his benevolence (with a dark secret), you know her adventures are just beginning!

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Slayers: The Motion Picture Movie 1995 TBD
Slayers Next TV 1996 TBD
Slayers Return Movie 1996 TBD
Slayers: The Book of Spells OVA 1996 TBD
Slayers Try TV 1997 TBD
Slayers Great Movie 1997 TBD
Slayers Excellent OVA 1998 TBD
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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Slayers (Light Novel) 1989 TBD
Name Role
Naomi MIYATA Character Design
Takashi WATANABE Director
Osamu TEZUKA Music
Noriko KOBAYASHI Producer
Yumiko YAZAKI Producer
Kazuto IMANISHI Producer
Zen ENOKI Producer

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Slayers angelsreviews 6/10 Aug 6, 2013
The Slayers angelsreviews 6/10 Aug 6, 2013
Slayers Ryuzaki71510 9.5/10 Jul 20, 2010
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summer 2014 watching list moeShana 17 Apr 16, 2014
Absolute fave animes Ittermat 51 Mar 17, 2014
Best to watch (unfinished) LovelessFanatics 41 Mar 10, 2014
DroefNai watched Slayers at 26 of 26 episodes
Josefrasin won't watch Slayers
Coffeebot stalled Slayers at 8 of 26 episodes
Gildesh watched Slayers at 26 of 26 episodes
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Recommendations if you like Slayers

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Rune Soldier

Rune Soldier

Louie is a student at a mage’s school, but secretly yearns for adventure. One night he meets a group of treasure hunters: Melissa, a Mylee priestess; Genie, a warrior; and Merill, a thief. They are in need of a mage so Louie volunteers to join them, but they decline his offer when they witness his poor mage skills. The next day, Melissa prays to her god to guide her to the hero she should serve. Her god replies that the next man she sees will be her hero, after which Louie literally falls down from the sky! Against her will, Louie is the hero she should honor and thus, Louie is accepted into their group. He is now a treasure hunter, mage, warrior, and hero?! With little expertise in anything, he can't possibly be of much use!

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Somehow someone re-made Slayers into a new series called Rune Soldier Louie, which REALLY is quite a lot alike. There is lots of sword fights and comical action for you to enjoy... so enjoy!

If you enjoyed the slayers triology there is just no way you won't enjoy this... less magic, more sword and hand to hand fighting... but the humour is the same
Are you looking for adventures and treasure hunters? Mahou Senshi Riui got alot of it. Though I think that Slayer is abit more silly than Mahou Senshi Riui, but Gourry and Riui(Louie) is really alike. You will also find a girl like exactly like Lina. Mahou Senshi Riui is filled with funny moments and if you succed in watching one ep without laughing you must have lost you humour ;) be sure to check it out ^^

Rune Soldier has more outright comedy than Slayers, and is less epic. But still, Rune Soldier is funny enough to warrant a look from any Slayers fan.


Both shows concentrate on a group of adventurers traveling around the countryside on quests to discover treasure and save the kingdom. Slayers is more plot-oriented with over-arcing adventures than Rune Soldier, which tends to have a new quest for every episode.


Both series take place in a fantasy sword and sorcery setting and are filled with action and a similar style of humor. While Slayers is more focused on magic as almost all characters have the ability to cast spells, in Mahou Senshi Louie you are introduced to a typical d&d party: sorcerer, cleric, fighter and thief; so you can expect a somewhat different approach to the battles. And that's practically the biggest difference between the two.

Also many of the characters have a similar counterpart in the other anime (ex. Gourry - Louie, even though one is a swordsman and the other a sorcerer they are equally half-witted). In my opinion if you liked Slayers there's a really good chance you'll like Mahou Senshi Louie too.


Both series' storylines are woven around a group of adventurers on various quests. Slayers and Rune Soldier are full of light humour and will be appreciated by RPG players - quests and characters are very similar to those RPG "cliches". Jokes are also mostly situational - the kind of situations that happen a lot in RPG sessions.


Both series are amazing parodies of the fantasy genre with a cast of eccentric characters on a quest.If you like one, you'll probably like the other.


Both firmly rooted in a fantasy land, Slayers and Rune Soldier take a lighter look at what could easily be a role playing game. Battling monsters with almighty swords, the warriors roll through cities and towns collectin riches.

If you enjoyed the humour and setting of one adventurous romp, you will surely love the other.


Funny fantasy-themed anime parody, both done by great authors that also did well-known far less comical works.


Both Rune soldier and Slayers are fantasy comedy's that make fun of RPGs. Magic plays a big role, though Lina of the Slayers is a genius magican (Except on thát time of the month;)) and Louis the Rune Soldier rather uses his wand as a club. Both have a lot of stand alone episodes. Rune soldier is newer and has a bit more dirty humour. Slayers handles the story and drama parts better. If you like one, you should try the other out.

Ruin Explorers

Ruin Explorers

Ihrie and Fam are just two of the many explorers searching ruins for something called the 'ultimate power'. With the 'ultimate power' the owner has the ability to have any wish granted. Of course all the explorers have different motives for finding this relic, ranging from revenge on a curse-casting mentor, to saving a kingdom from utter destruction.

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Slayers and Ruin explorers share a kinship as two fantasy anime with slapstick comedy and the occasional serious action sequence. Ruin Explorers needed to be longer, but all in all it ended up being a nice and tidy show. Slayers, a much longer franchise list, is a very good alternative for people with Ruin Explorers deprivation. As an interesting side note, its kind of cool to see the same voice actors that worked on the Slayers OVA do voice work on the Ruin Explorers series.
I'm recommending Slayers first because the overall story is similar, with looking for an ultimate power to help the kingdom from danger, but you should really watch it from the beginning.
Really similar. I think the main differnece is that Slayers is meant for a younger public, while Ruin Explorers has alot more mature jokes and some ecchi scenes.
Both of these series are full of classic sword-and-sorcery, dungeons-and-dragons style action. And humor -- neither of them are very serious. Ruin Explorers has two females as protagonists, one too meek to use offensive magic and the other a seasoned, die-hard veteran adventurer, who can't because of a curse. A lot of the humor is the interplay between the two. Slayers is a crazier anime, featuring well-known characters like the ridiculously overpowered sorcessess Lina and her dumb-as-rocks swordsman friend Gourry. Both are good series for laughs and a bit of medieval action.

Many of the concepts that exist in the Slayers universe are also present in Ruin Explorers such as magic, fantasy races, and the usual adventure to save the world. Both employ the use of a slapstick-esque comedy, however, Ruin Explorers tends to be a bit more mature in this area while Slayers keeps it pretty light hearted.


High fantasy, slap-stick humor, magic, and a group of less then ideal heroes. Unfortunately there is not much more to say then that, if you liked one then I must insist you try the other.


Slayers and Ruin Explorers have many similarities apart from the art style: they are set in a fantasy world where the characters are searching for treasure and even the humour is similar. Anyone who likes Slayers will definitely like Ruin Explorers and vice versa.


Both series poke a great deal of fun at tabletop fantasy role playing. The rampant greed and opportunism present in Ruin Explorers also mimics Lina Inverse's brand of "Good is not Nice".

The short OVA plays out like a microcosm of the longer series, concerning ultimate power and confrontation with an ancient evil. If you liked Slayers, Ruin Explorers should be a pleasant diversion.


Both Slayers and Ruin Explorers are fantasy D&D type stories. The humour in Ruin Explorers is a little more mature/echi but if you enjoyed on you would probably enjoy the other


Sword, sorcery, a hodgepodge group on an epic quest, slapstick comedy. Slayers and Ruin Explorers have all these and more. Similar characters, animation style, and balance of adventure to comedy, it wouldn't surprise me if someone tried to tell me they were in the same universe.

If you enjoyed the comedy adventure of one of these series, you should definately give the other a try.

Lost Universe

Lost Universe

When Kane Blueriver, Milly, and Canal seek out wealth aboard the star ship Sword Breaker, many mishaps will ensue, as these trouble contracters take on bounty cases across the universe. That is, until Kane discovers the secret behind his grandmother's ship and the ever expanding threat of Nightmare, an evil crime syndicate that wants to rule the universe.

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Basically, the way I see this Lost Universe is Slayers in space. It's not quite as epic, but there are some cool space battles, and a cool ship computer! The humor and overall feeling is identical.

Think Slayers in space in a sci-fi setting. It's got the same balance of humor, fun, and plot. They also have a pretty cool space ship.
Despite the fact that Slayers is fantasy and Lost Universe is clearly science fiction space opera, people who enjoy one series will doubtless enjoy the other. Lost Universe has been called "Slayers - Fourth Season" because its animation, cast, and crazy humor overlaid on a typical epic plot are all like Slayers. Both series poke fun at their respective genres; just as anyone who has ever played D&D will enjoy Slayers, anyone who has seen Star Wars will probably appreciate Lost Universe.
Both of these have related universes and are from the same creator, and you should definitely enjoy it if you like the mix of humor and some serious elements.

Lost Universe is pretty much Slayers with the serial numbers filed off, but takes place in space. Anyone who enjoyed the antics of Lina's gang in Slayers will find Kain's adventures just as enjoyable.


The Slayers series and Lost Universe were not only made by the same person, but they also have the same animation style, the same type of humor and the same type of plot.As I read before, Lost Universe is pretty much Slayers in space.


Slayers and Lost Universe have the same creators and sense of humour, and they're set in the same universe, but in different worlds. The characters share many similarities not just in appearance, but also in personality.


How can one NOT notice the similarities between characters, comedy, animation, style, and pretty much everything between Slayers and Lost Universe? Quite simply, Lost Universe is Slayers in space. Technically they are in the same multiverse (but not universe).

If you enjoyed Slayers or Lost Universe, I can see no reason why you would not enjoy the other.



The Four Lords of Havoc have one terrible goal – to awaken the god Anthrasax and recreate the world. To stop them, Yoko, a maiden of Metallicana, awakens the ancient wizard Dark Schneider from within a 14-year old boy by bestowing upon him her virgin kiss. The only problem now is that the most chaotic, lecherous wizard in history resides inside the body of an innocent child. Even worse, he’s determined that neither hydras nor minotaurs should stand between him and his dream to conquer everyone and take the women for himself… all of which is less than convenient when trying to save the world!

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A loud mouthed, feared, and extremely powerful magician (that was a mouthful) battles the forces of evil. Bastard! has much more gore, but the concept is the same in Slayers as well.


As a D&D player, I can't help but be reminded of some of my own gaming sessions while watching both Bastard!! and Slayers. The humor, the battles, the occasional crazy ability, all are present in both series. While Bastard!! is darker and occasionally more serious than Slayers you should be sure to enjoy one if you found yourself laughing along with the other.


Both set in "ye olde times", Bastard!! and Slayers are a role players wet dream. Swordsmen, Magicians and summoners all play a significant part in each tale, though don't expect anything too serious from either series!

Action, adventure and a sprinkling of ecchi make these both two very popular and likable series.


These series both combine swordfighting, magic, superpowerful legendary type characters, and an ability to realize how over the top they are and make fun of this fact.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

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Legend is a more serious form of Slayers in many ways. With a super powerful swordsman and magician teamed up, often with others, going around and fighting a lot. Legends is a lot more about politics and a lot less about humor, but if you like fantasy mixed with action and adventure, these series go well together.


Both shows are comedies that take place in a fantasy RPG setting. And both shows have a strong likable cast of characters. Also both shows are based off of light novels. If you like one you should watch the other.


Well, it's a bit different from Slayers, but both have the same "dominant" girl and the "weaker" guy. It's a more mature version of Slayers and much more complicated but during the whole anime it perfectly reminded me of Slayers. 

It has comedy of course, good fighting and magic. The bigger difference is the politics. It has more episodes with politics and stuff.


These two animes are 15 years apart but when watching legendary heroes I instantly thought of slayers. They both have a fun pair of characters who are similar in both series roaming the conuntryside but legendary heroes is a bit more series. Both have humorous light hearted moments but legendary heroes is much more story driven and a bit more mature.

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