Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

TV (26 eps)
2.858 of 5 from 1,085 votes
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Thirteen years ago, the demon Kazan placed a curse on the continent of Arad, causing legions of demons to sprout from the earth. One young man named Baron also suffered its effects and is cursed with a demonic left arm. Baron now travels the land with Roxy, the spirit who resides in his sword, in the hopes of finding a cure. They are soon joined by self-proclaimed ‘Gunner of Love’ Capensis who literally falls from the sky; freakishly strong fist-fighter Ryunmei; and troublesome young mage Ixia. As they traverse a world of underground fight clubs and axe-wielding demons, will the party be able to find a way to remove the jinx on Baron’s arm, not to mention survive Ixia’s attempts at using magic?

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Wright's avatar by Wright on Feb 13, 2010
Score: 7/10

Slap Up Party: Arad Senki is a rather slow paced, and basic shounen anime. Some things do stand out that I found rather enjoyable. Story: There isn't much story to be had. The premise revolves around trying to cure kazan's curse, which is responsible for turning people into demons.Animation: I quite liked the animation. It's colorful and vibrant, and the characters and scenery are just nice to look at. The... read more

Kari5's avatar by Kari5 on Oct 2, 2009
Score: 3/10

Well, this show turned out to be a major disappointment.       The first episode made it look like this anime would have a plot line and somewhat interesting characters. A woman, Roxy, turns into a demon because of a curse, dies, and her spirit somehow ends up in a sword. Flashforward and a new character, Baron, owns this sword. Although Roxy's small spirit is sometimes seen... read more



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