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Sakuragi has hit an all-time low. During his last year of junior high school, fifty different girls rejected him, the last one choosing a basketball player instead. Thus it’s no surprise that in high school, Sakuragi beats up anyone who dares utter the name of the sport. However, it’s not long until he meets Haruko, a beautiful basketball enthusiast, and is determined to make her fall in love with him – even signing up for the school team to accomplish his goal. However, winning Haruko’s heart won’t be easy, as her brother is the strict and protective captain of the basketball team and Haruko’s eyes are focused on Sakuragi’s rival, the talented Rukawa. Can Sakuragi give up his delinquent ways to help get the team to Nationals, or will his temper get him kicked out before he can learn to dribble the ball?

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hanamichi's avatar
hanamichi Mar 21, 2015
Score 8.5/10

This is my first review so please be gentle if you decide to comment. Also, try to ignore the grammar errors and poor english. English is my first language, but I'm very stupid. May contain spoilers idk. Ah, Slam Dunk. It's been but only a few months and my heart refuses to let go. I came across this title by chance. Considering its notoriety, I'm surprised I discovered this only recently. Who can blame... read more

BigDumbOhFace's avatar
BigDumbOhFace Sep 30, 2014
Score 9.9/10

Story So some hoodlum decides to play basketball pretty much out of spite and because of his gigantic ego.  However, this guy actually has a bunch of hidden talent waiting to be molded into something amazing. This story is epic.  It produced a whole bunch of feels in me and had me jumping in joy whenever something awesome happened.  A little quirk I loved about it is that they were pretty... read more

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