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Sky Girls

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2.812 out of 5 from 1,168 votes
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In the year 2079 CE, malevolent creatures known as Worms arrived in our galaxy, wiping out mankind quickly and efficiently. Finally, when the war's outcome seemed to favor the invaders, humanity united and nuked its own planet in order to survive. Though the Worms were defeated, 50% of the Earth's land mass submerged under the ocean, and 90% of all young men were killed in battle. Now, several years later, the Worms have returned. The world's best hope for survival is the genius Karen, the swordswoman Otoha and quick-thinking Eika; together, they make up the Sonic Diver Unit, a mechanized unit capable of taking down the Worms! Yet the powers that be are skeptical of its force and aptitude. Can the girls prove their worth, and take down the enemy?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Sky Girls TV TV 2007 TBD
Name Role
Kazunori IWAKURA Character Design
Yoshiaki IWASAKI Director
Shinkichi MITSUMUNE Music

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Title Author Score Date
Sky Girls Sheex 3/10 Jul 12, 2007
Sky Girls sothis 3/10 Jul 11, 2007

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In the distant future, Earth is being invaded by a mysterious alien race known as the JAM. Though suffering heavy casualties, mankind unites and repels their advance, pushing them back to their homeworld of Fairy. As to not take any chances of another attack, an expeditionary force is formed to pursue and eradicate any who managed to flee. The campaign is successful, with all but a few small pockets of JAM completely destroyed, and preparations are made for the fleet to return to home. Enter Leiutenant Rei Fukai, the pilot of a reconnaissance fighter jet known as the Yukikaze. With victory close at hand, he is assigned to do one final sweep of Fairy to put an end of the threat for good. However, during the flight, he is attacked by an unknown jet that appears to one of mankind's own, and barely manages to escape. Though the JAM are all but gone, it seems a new, more deadly threat has emerged, fiercely determined to stop the fleet from returning home alive...

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Being that Sky Girls is completely worthless, if the basic concept interested you then Yukikaze is the place you should turn.  As I mention in my review, just about everything Sky Girls attempts to do is ripped from Yukikaze and butchered.  Though it certainly has its faults, Yukikaze succeeds in every area that Sky Girls fails, so if badass aerial dog fights with amazing CGI are within your tastes, give Sky Girls a pass and check it out.