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Kyoko moves to the big city with the prince of her dreams Shotaro; he wants to make it big in the entertainment business, so she works hard at many different jobs to support him as he achieves his dream. However, one day, Kyoko accidentally discovers the horrible truth: the love of her life thinks of her as a 'plain and boring woman!' Outraged, Kyoko swears revenge – she will make it even bigger than Shotaro in the entertainment world. The only question is, how will she fulfill her desire?

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KiraRin's avatar
KiraRin Mar 13, 2010
Score 8.5/10

After being repeatedly slapped around the face by rabid fan boys and girls insisting that I *must* watch this show, my alabaster skin could take no more and so it was time to relent and finally watch Skip Beat. From my experience, a series that appeals to a wide range of anime fans usually doesn’t have the necessary je ne sais quoi to win me over... read more

mahius's avatar
mahius Oct 5, 2015
Score 8/10

Skip Beat is a 25 episode Shoujo comedy anime about actors (the celebrity sort) and initially seems like it has themes of romance… Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? I mean showbiz sounds a bit niche as if it would only appeal to folks who care about celebrities and such. Boy am I glad to be wrong, it’s basically a heavily comedic revenge story, the first episode had my cheeks hurting... read more

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Skip Beat!
  • Vol: 38+; Ch: 247+
  • 2002 - ?
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