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Skip Beat!

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

President of the Student Council at the almost-all-boys Seika High School, the hard-as-nails Misaki Ayuzawa works every day to make life easier on the small population of co-eds who have enrolled there. Though an unholy terror to all things male during school hours, in order to provide for her impoverished family, she secretly works after school at a maid cafe in Akihabara. However, when campus hottie Usui Takumi wanders into the restaurant during her shift, suddenly she finds her reputation in school at his mercy...

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They are not exactly similar in plots, but have a little bit similar animation and hard-working girls as main characters. Also, both are just good shoujo stories, and that's the most important thing about them, in my opinion.

I really can't think of any better recs, at least now =)


Kyoko and Misaki have identical personalities with a wide variety of characters that they meet along the way of their journeys. Although they have very different plots if you watch them both you will definitely recognise the similarities. One of which is the great chibi moments that are relevant to all the characters and the strong storyline that they tackle. Both of these anime are a must see if your a fan of comedy, romance and shoujo.


Both main characters have an event that shifts there attitude and has friends and a guy to bring out their lighter sides. Very similar in animation style.


Even though the stories are different, the main characters of "Skip Beat' and 'Kaichou wa Maid-sama' (Kyoko and Misaki) are very similar in their behavior. Both anime are very fun to watch, both a good comedy and a romantic story. They also share a similar way of animation. I think they are great, and if you liked 'Skip Beat', 'Kaichou wa Maid-sama' is a must-see for you.


Both animes have a hard working girl as the main character who hates guys and the main guy character makes her really mad and frustrated but you can tell he really cares for her!!!


Ah, life can be so hard on you sometimes! Having to worry about money problems and jobs, the fate had to create aditionally an umbelieveably annoying guy!! (two in Skip Beat!'s case) The female protagonists of both shows, Kyoko (Skip Beat!) and Misaki (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) are both something of a hyperactive hardworking and bad-tempered girls who's main goal in life is (or was before they met that annoying guy) to somehow manage their lives. Both protagonists also strive to change to better and discover their true selves, alongside with the feeling of love, which is completely foreign to them. Surely two loving, touching and original stories that are a must to watch! The two anime add up very well and if you've watched the first one and were left deeply motivated, I strongly suggest you watch the other one as well, which will only motivate you more to crush the obtacles in your way and continue rushing forward to your dreams grand come-true debute!


I was only a few minutes into the first episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! when I realized how similar Misaki and Kyoko from Skip Beat! really are. Both have bright moments of high energy and intense DARK RAGES.  Even the art style is similar! If you enjoyed one show, you should love the other too! ^_^


Both Misaki Ayuzawa and kyoko are hardworking and trying to do their best like Misaki Ayuzawa want to make the school better for girl and kyoko wan to act well in a show with ren tsuruga. If you like skip beat! u will surely like Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


Kyoko is very strong female who doesn't take crap from others just like Misaki. Although the plot is far from similiar the characters are have similiar qualities.


Both are great coming of age shows that have drama and character realationships that is similiar to a good old soap opera.


These series both have a lot of obviously lovers and comedy. If you you like the awkward chase-around of love shrouded in comedy, you'll likely enjoy both of these series.


The female characters in Skip Beat! And Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Are hard working girls that are a little down on their luck.  They are extremely determined and will do whatever they have to do to succeed and obtain their goal.  Each involves a little bit of romance and some comedy thrown in.


If you love watching a man suffer from unrequited love, then these shows are for you.  Both feature a strong-willed, dedicated, determined, and hard working female protagonist who manages to steal the heart of the most desireable man around.  Unfortunately for him, she seems to have no interest in him.  Although the settings and circumstances are different, the relationships between people in these two shows are quite similar and if you liked one, I'm sure you'll love the other.


If you liked Kaichou wa Maid-sama or Skip Beat then you will like the other because:

1) Both of the series have good comical aspects.

2) Both series have strong clueless female leads

3) The art is also very similar

4 ) Ren and Usui are also very similar (both are popular with women and lead the female serectively)


These two animes are kinda similiar. They've both got that kind guy, and that funny humor, and the drama scenes. The lead girls are extremely hardworking.

They both are extremely funny, although they're different funny. But in a good way.

The characters both grow throughout the series, especially in Skip Beat!


The story line is not the same but both are hardworiking girls and they know guy's they don't like but eventaly they gone like them.  Further both had a sad life whit happy moments and if you want to know how it ends you must watch. ;)


The storys are different but with Kaichou wa Maid-sama the main charcter is very persistent and dont let guys get in her way in making sure she's a success in what see does same as Skip Beat. Also the animation in both series are very similar, perfect for a comedy anime ^^

Oviously there is a main guy involved in both animes where you see hints of romance along with a lot of comedy :)

These are my two most favourite animes, i assure if u like one your'll love the other ^^ High recommendations!!


Both main character looks same plus in both cases its a story about girl strugling agaist odds.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama is one of my favourite shoujo (i've already seen it 3 times xP )I just finished Skip beat after 14 hours non stop.. 

Both of them totally worth my time :)True fact that the storylines are different but the main characters are both girls that have had tough times and found their way out in a nice and adventurous journey!! 


Just like everyone said, the plot is quite different, but the lead female charaters have the same personality. There's bits of romance in Skip Beat too! <3

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Nakahara Sunako, a high school girl whose interests include horror movies, coffins and gore, is sent by her aunt to live in an extravagant mansion with four ridiculously handsome boys. As if living with these “radiant creatures” who give her constant nosebleeds isn’t hard enough, she soon discovers that the boys have made a bet with her aunt: in exchange for free rent, they will try to mold Sunako into a magnificent lady. As someone who has cast aside all her femininity and sworn to live in darkness, Sunako is ready to do whatever it takes to nullify these efforts; but is there a way for the creatures of darkness and light to coexist?

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Skip Beat! and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge share a wacky and ironic sense of humor.  They focus on themes like image, beauty, and self-esteem.  Plus, both have a funny and interesting cast.


Both of these comedies revolve around a heroine with interesting personality quirks and the beautiful, but flawed, men in their lives. The type of humour is similar, often veering to black comedy, and the use of similar character tropes and use of chibi in certain scenes make these a good pair.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge's set-ups are often surreal, where Skip Beat! is a little more grounded (albeit in the entertainment world), and I'd argue that the social messages in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge are dodgy (but the humour pretty much makes up for it), but for some nice shojo comedy both live up to expectations.


Skip Beat's Kyoko and YNSH's Sunako are two girls on a quest to change themselves that have an uncanny ability to terrify those around them, kick-ass cooking skills, and a bunch of hot guys as co-stars.

Both series are hilarious (and contain almost identical types of humor), but can still manage to be sweet and heartwarming (especially Skip Beat).


Are you looking for animes that have alot of comedy? then Wallflower and Skip Beat are the right choices, both animes feature lead female protagonists in quest to change themselves, both animes have a great comedy aspect that will keep you laughing until the end and both feature bishounen characters.So if you like one of them then for sure you will enjoy the other one as well.


Both animes have talented, spunky, but slightly kooky main female characters.  They are definitely comedies but manage to slip in some good character development/drama.  Both characters also have a darker twist...Kyoko has her lust for vengence and Nakahara has a love of the grotesque.  They both also have very solid supporting characters and it is easy to fall in love with the varied cast.


Both of these animes are about a quirky girl and her adventures to regain a somewhat foot on normality. If you like the randomness of the Jokes, or the minor but all important love story, then these are for you. The animation isn't always about the real world, but the world as the characters see it, so spirits and words and characters pop up on the screen to express everything so much more awesomely. Funny and upbeat XP


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi is fresher in my mind than Skip Beat, but I do remember a few things that I liked about both of them:

Skip Beat! and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge have similar artwork and humor.

Both anime have moments of comedy, sweet romance, and (less importantly) handsome male leads with great characters.


In both shows you will the main female character has extreme emotion issues due to abuse from some guy. In both cases this cause a tranformation, as well as making her a bit frightening to the public. In Skip Beat! she becomes more beautiful, whereas in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge she becomes dark. Also in both shows you will find; attractive male characters who everyone wants, and an "over the top" mentor who everyone has to deal with because that is who pays the bills.


Both animes have extremely quirky female leads that have dark tendencies and a skewed view of romance due to awful experiences with men.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is more of a high-school drama and Skip Beat! is all about acting. Whichever floats your boat, the animes are done in a very similar style.


both girls in these shows are scarred because of the guys they liked and change their personalities because of it. plus the girl in skip has a strange obsession with voodoo dolls and the girl in the wallflower loves anatomical dummies and skeletons.


i don't think it have similarity that much but both have same vibe of comedy and lead have a reverse harem both have boys complex though here in wallflower it is replaced by hiroshi kun


Both Sunako and Kyoko have men putting them, but Sunako hides away depressed but Kyoko is set for revenge! <3

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Nana Komatsu is on her way to Tokyo; now she can finally be with her boyfriend after a year of dating long-distance! On the train there, Nana Komatsu meets Nana Osaki – a girl who shares her name but seems to be everything Nana Komatsu is not; cool, street-wise, and a punk rocker. The two hit it off and spend the entire journey getting to know each other, but when they get to Tokyo, circumstance separates them seemingly forever. However, fate is not finished with these two. Whilst hunting for a place to live the two Nanas again cross paths. They decide to share a flat and become best friends in no time. Nana K. must learn to be independent and mature, while Nana O. works on becoming famous with her band; but together, they will learn about love and loss, and the growth that comes with it.

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Both Nana and Skip Beat! have strong female characters that are trying to get their dreams come true, and delvelop a close relationship with another female along the way.


Both series are very encouraging, showing girl's struggles in showbusiness. There are touching moments that make your heart tremble as well as comedic scenes that make you laugh. If you liked one, you would surely like the other.


There are so many similarities between these two anime that I don't know where to begin.  On the surface, they both star strong-minded determined girls who want to make it in the entertainment business.  The whole story is about how they rise to the top and how they learn to grow and triumph over all the obstacles that come their way.  If you want more, they both feature plenty of romance with lots of good looking guys everywhere!

However, underneath it all... both anime are still very similar.  Skip Beat! leans more towards comedy and NANA deals with more mature subjects, but their lessons and issues that the protaganists face are still essentially the same.  There is the underlying romance, but each anime still has the goal of the starring females in mind.  How they grow up, how they overcome their difficulties and the realism of their stories really make it easy to empathsize (with a hint of luck of course!).

If you enjoyed one, I highly suggest you try the other.  These two stories are very unique for their genre and definitely one of the best from the pack.  And if it leaves you wanting more, you have the manga to look forward to!


The most important thing that is similiar in both animes is passion.Characters are not very alike, but I think their lust for art and people around are very cheering up.Nana is more mature but Skip Beat show a lot to think too. Both gives a big portion of laugh too.Creators gives us two great shows. You should try both.


Each series focuses on a female trying to make it in showbiz, while maintaining a high level of drama and comedy. Each series is extremely well done, so if you enjoy the story in one, you're likely to love the other.


NANA and Skip Beat! are anime's that involve strong, female lead characters and the entertainment industry.  Kyoko, from Skip Beat!, is an interesting mix of Nana and Hachiko from NANA, as well as having her own personality - this leads the anime to be a funny, enjoyable ride.  NANA has the same comedic humor and focuses on the music side of the industry for J-Rock.  If you loved one, you're likely to love the other.


Both shows are about strong women that follow their man to make it big in the entertainment industry. Both shows are full of drama, laughs and heartache. Both are worth a try!


Both series have strong female characters trying to make it in the world , and find themselves.


Both Nana and Skip Beat are very similar as the main character is trying to fullfill their dream throughout meeting guys and having a close female friend.

They are both very good animes :) some of my favourites! If u like one your'll love the other ^^!


the whole time i watched skip beat i couldn't help but feel like nana was the more adult version of the show. both are about the rise to fame and growing up plus both are funny.


its because both tells about somehow lfe of idol howerver nana plot is somewhat dark and more mature skip beat is light and enjoyable from bottom

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Glass Mask (2005)

Glass Mask (2005)

Maya is a dreamy young girl whose clumsiness is matched only by her absent-mindedness. While others have given up on her, the legendary actress Tsukikage sees her hidden potential and offers to take Maya under her tutelage. Maya loves the theatre more than anything, and as there's not much she can do about it at home, she chooses to run away with Tsukikage. The world of theatre is harsh, however, especially for a naive young girl far away from home. While she finds new friends who support her, her mentor has powerful enemies and Maya is often on the receiving end of their ruthless plans. In face of the adversity, Maya must constantly fight to develop her skills to catch up with her unbelievably talented rival, Ayumi, if she hopes to inherit Tsukikage's legendary role: The Crimson Goddess.

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A girl decides she wants to become an actress/singer/idol, and we all know how it plays out in the end. On the other this is not your run of the mill "path to stardom" tale. In fact it would be more precise to say that Glass Mask and Skip Beat! depict a lonely and difficult journy of self discovery.

Faced with professional and social challanges(love life) both lead characters are able to overcome them by self-examination. In the end, their experences and actions may differ, but the character development is quite similar. It is well worth watching one if you enjoyed the other.


Skip Beat and Glass Mask both heroines are trying to make it in the world of theater and the anime goes through all of the struggles that they are having trying to obtain their goals and succeed at becoming a successful actress.  In each there are also various complications with certain love interests that span all different types of emotions for the heroine.


The ideea of persuing your dream and the heroine witch is born with a strong talent for acting, show that the two series resemble. Also, the romance betwen the young actrees and a "sempai", makes the remblence between the two series, evan greater .


Both Skip Beat and Glass Mask series have a similar main theme, where a young girl wats to be a part of show-business. Both girls are very talented, people admre and envy them. They are to go through a hard trial and score a success. Also we can find here a love theme.


Both of these anime include the expertise of acting and how one can improve their acting skills.


Start is very similar in both animes , very similar character developement but Glass Mask is more about passion of acting while skip beat  is more in romance.But both animes are great and I recommend both to any shoujo fan 


The main characters have similar ambitions and similar love interest. Glass mask focuses a lot more on the acting and is more serious whereas Skip Beat is more comedy and light hearted

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Special A

Special A

Ever since their first meeting at six years old, Hikari Hanazono has struggled to defeat her rival Kei Takashima at anything, whether it be athletics or academics. To date she has proven unsuccessful, resulting in Kei constantly referring to her as "second place." In reality, Kei has been in love with Hikari for quite some time, but Hikari remains completely oblivious to the fact. Now, as the top two students in a prestigious academy, the duo continues their long-running competition as part of the school's elite class of seven, the Special A. Will Hikari ever surpass Kei... or realize that he loves her?


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When I first saw skip beat, I couldn't help to notice how it reminded me o Special A in the plot dynamic and even in the humour. Also, they both deal with one girl trying to outdoing a boy and that's the thing that sets off the main leads to try their best. Whereas in Skip beat! there a sadder tone about the reason that made Kyoko go to showbiz to overcome Sho, in Special A it's mere rivalry. Even so, these two animes have more in common than meets the eye.


Skip Beat! is a totally awesome anime and gives off a totally new experience. Since I've started watching, I've become completely attached to this anime. I hope it'll go on forever!

Special A is similar to Skip Beat! in many ways like the competitive main character, but I would say that Special A is more of a school life love anime which seperates it slightly from Skip Beat!.


Have female leads that are determined to be #1 but have strong moral code where they will win fair and square. Along with some funny antics.


The Main Characters of both don't realize when someone loves them they both have the right dose of comedy and romance with out going over the top. I greatly enjoyed both ...x


both animes are hilarious!!!

they project blundering. quirky, funny albeit strong and willful heroines and are an absolute treat for the quintessential shoujo fan


The female leads in these shows are both strong and fiery, which means they take things to extreme measures sometimes. Hikari's rivalry with Kei and Kyoko's rivalries with Ren and Shou cause them to take ridiculous steps to ensure victory, though they both make fools of themselves along the way.

In addition, there's a hint of romance, but not enough to blind any one with the shoujo sparkles of doom.


 When your striving to be the best, and especially when your trying to out do a certain boy that always seems to get in your way think of Skip Beat and Special A!  While trying to make their way in the world the heroines have to overcome obstacles along the way with ever a man stuck in their path.  There is a little romance in each and a spice that bring the heated characters to life.

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