Six Angels

Alt titles: 6 Angels

TV Special (6 eps)
1.618 out of 5 from 261 votes
Rank #5,801

In a post-apocalyptic future where the threat of nuclear war is evident and the death penalty has been revoked, five women named Maki, Naomi, Doris, Marilyn and Katherine make up the Guard of Rose, an organization responsible for protecting women against men. Humanity now faces a new threat: Donn Canyon, a man hell-bent on purifiying the world by whatever means necessary, and only the Guard of Rose can stop him! With interfering angels, nuclear missiles pointed across the globe, and Soviet intervention, can the girls stop the countdown to destruction before it's too late?

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Jan 8, 2005
Score: 2/10

After sitting through approximately 90 minutes of episodes (6 in total), I can tell you that I still have no idea what the hell just happened. At first, it woos you with pretty CG images and a decent intro talking about how the world has abolished capital punishment, is basically going down the toilet as far as nuclear waste and threats of war, and how there is a rumor of a fallen angel. Sounds... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Dec 24, 2011
Score: 2/10

The first minutes of the series were really promising. Terrorists, high-tech weapons, conspiracy to destroy the world, sexy SWAT girls to the rescue… You name it! But, it quickly bogged down to a typical b-movie boring adventure.

- The animation was done by a petty studion named Arcturus, which also happens to be their only fully animated work... read more


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