Sister Princess


Custom Lists

  • Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
  • Omamori Himari
  • Kyo Kara Maoh!
  • Hayate the Combat Butler!
  • Durarara!!x2 Shou

Anime Next by YamiRin

  • Angel Links
  • Appleseed
  • Asatte no Houkou
  • Avenger
  • Bamboo Blade

DVD/BD Watching Backlog by calaggie

Series/Movies/OVA's I own complete DVD/Blu-Ray sets of that I have not finished watching.

  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • The Cat Returns
  • Chibi Devi!
  • D.Gray-man

Re- watch list by flarearah1

the long list of things i would re-watch as well as things i have re-watched.

  • Angel Beats!
  • Angel Beats! Special
  • B Gata H Kei - Yamada's First Time
  • Girls Bravo
  • Girls Bravo: Second Season

Anime I Loved by ajon606

  • Ai Yori Aoshi
  • Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi: Beautiful Snow
  • Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya
  • Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi
  • Clannad

The Sweeter (kinda) side of the Hybrid by MAK2Hybrid

These are the movies and TV series that, in my opinion, probably represent the positivity and warm-hearted side of myself. Some of them may not be for all ages.

  • Ah! My Goddess TV
  • Air
  • Ai Yori Aoshi
  • Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi
  • Akira

My Collection by deejaydave

  • Angel Beats!
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Black Cat
  • Bleach Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion - Mouhitotsu no Hyourinmaru
  • Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black - Kimi no Na o Yobu

animes watched by rykun