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Sister Princess Re Pure

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2.322 out of 5 from 612 votes
Rank #4,134


Wataru’s twelve sisters really love him a lot. From Hina (who is waylaid by a frog on her way to give him an umbrella); to introspective Chikage (who is determined to tempt him with a golden apple); to Aria (who seems to be stuck in an ever-present fantasy world); there’s never a dull day in the life of twelve sisters and their beloved brother. Follow the lives of these twelve young ladies as they experience everything from daydreams of marriage to traversing through a strange fantasy world, all while experiencing the joys and pains of life together!

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Sister Princess TV 2001 Prequel
Name Role
Yasunari NITTA Character Design
Nagisa MIYAZAKI Director

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Visual Novel Anime chii 276 Jun 1, 2012
Year 2002 Anime Series chii 58 May 31, 2012
TV Series chii 920 May 28, 2012

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