Sirius no Densetsu

Alt title: Sea Prince and the Fire Child

Movie (1 ep x 110 min)
3.446 of 5 from 209 votes
Rank #2,436

Fire Children and the Children of the Water can never be together. Long ago, the God of Water and Goddess of Fire existed together as one entity, until the jealousy of the God of Wind drove a wedge into their relationship. They separated, and it became the law of the earth that their people must never see each other again. Now that the new heirs to the thrones are soon to be crowned, the Prince of the Sea is drawn to the ocean’s surface and meets the beautiful maiden that is the Princess of Fire. A fantastic love is formed between the two, but the flavor is bittersweet when all they can do is hide the fact that they have met. Love is powerful, but is theirs strong enough to withstand the will of the Gods?

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roriconfan Nov 8, 2012
Score 6.5/10

Another one of those works you could easily misplace for cartoon. Legend of Sirius is an oldie most don’t remember, yet it packs a lot of magic and artistic expression despite its years. In fact, for a family movie it is quite unorthodox as it is not cheery and easygoing.

As most who have watched and commented it, I also see it as a crossbreed between the fairy tale of The Little Mermaid and... read more

angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews May 18, 2014
Score 4/10

The story is pretty much a Romeo and Juliet style with elemental gods instead of humans. This makes me have mixed feelings. While the story is so old and pretty much exactly what you would expect of the tale, I do like the gods a bit. Sadly, it was not enough to save the story as it felt bland in both voice acting and artwork. It just doesn’t pop at all and I felt myself becoming bored while watching it... read more



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