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Sirius no Densetsu

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Fire Children and the Children of the Water can never be together. Long ago, the God of Water and Goddess of Fire existed together as one entity, until the jealousy of the God of Wind drove a wedge into their relationship. They separated, and it became the law of the earth that their people must never see each other again. Now that the new heirs to the thrones are soon to be crowned, the Prince of the Sea is drawn to the ocean’s surface and meets the beautiful maiden that is the Princess of Fire. A fantastic love is formed between the two, but the flavor is bittersweet when all they can do is hide the fact that they have met. Love is powerful, but is theirs strong enough to withstand the will of the Gods?

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Name Role
Masami HATA Director
Koichi SUGIYAMA Music
Tsunemasa HATANO Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Sirius no Densetsu angelsreviews 4/10 May 18, 2014
Sirius no Densetsu roriconfan 6.5/10 Nov 8, 2012
AkaikeM wants to watch Sirius no Densetsu
Splatime wants to watch Sirius no Densetsu
Sesquipedaliantastic rated the Sirius no Densetsu anime 4.5/5 stars
Sesquipedaliantastic rated the Sirius no Densetsu anime 4/5 stars
nevi watched Sirius no Densetsu at 1 of 1 episodes

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  • Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
  • 1981

Unico is a special unicorn with the ability to make anyone he meets happy. But the gods are not pleased, and out of jealousy, they bid the West Wind to exile young Unico to the Hill of Oblivion, where he shall stay, alone, forever. Luckily, the West Wind is a kind soul and instead, hides Unico away from place to place, keeping him shielded from the eyes of the gods. Along the way, Unico must make new friends and even save the world from an evil power!

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Sirius no Densetsu and Unico are great early-eighties children's films filled with deities, talking animals, and a dark streak.

Victorian Romance Emma

Victorian Romance Emma

At the end of the 19th century, in a time when social classes dominate society, a woman named Emma serves as a maid for a retired governess. One fateful day, a man named William from the upper class arrives at the mansion to visit the governess, and leaves having fallen in love with the young maid herself. In a time of such prejudice, love between the classes is frowned upon; but for William and Emma, their hardships are just beginning. Can the two break free of the bonds society has forced on them, or will they succumb to the pressure and banish each other from their hearts?

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The stories of Sirius no Densetsu and Victorian Romance Emma both share the theme of love that is forbidden or looked down upon.