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In the world of Daikuuriku, all children are born female; but once they become a young adult, they may choose which sex they will become. In this world which is at war with itself, the women of Simalacrum find themselves charged with the task of piloting the ancient machines known as Simoun in hopes of turning the tide of war. Though originally simple ceremonial machines, the most gifted of pilots can turn the glowing "ri maajon" of their rituals onto their enemies and obliterate them from the skies using these Simoun. However, it takes a special bond between two highly gifted girls to successfully pilot a Simoun. With the toll of blood and pain that these previously innocent girls are taking, how many will be able to carry on, even knowing that they are the only real thing standing between freedom and subjugation of their land?

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roriconfan Nov 8, 2012
Score 5.5/10

Simoun is a (cop-out follows) good idea with a dull presentation. You start looking at this show and you are given a most interesting alien setting with a world that has two suns, steampunk airships, and a civilization where everybody is born female. And as we all know, all-female cast in modern anime means shoujo-ai stuff. And there is magic, war, romance, weird gender related issues and above all it has... read more

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Omurqi Jan 26, 2010
Score 7/10

I’m having a bit of difficulty rating this one properly. On one hand, it was very pretty, stylish and had a good, fairly creative storyline and characters. On the other hand, at times the style felt a bit overdone (like in the first still-frame-scream in episode one) and some of the characters felt incredibly shallow in comparison to an otherwise great cast. If I had to give a rough summary of my... read more

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