Shugo Chara Party!

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After successfully defeating the X-characters, Amu and her friends are back! However, as everyone except Yaya is set to graduate at the end of the year, their team will soon split up. Luckily, Chairman Tsukasa appears with good news: a new student is to be inducted into the Guardians. Curious as to who the new addition will be, the gang meets new transfer student Rikka Hiiragi, who surprises the group with news that she can both see and understand their Charas, but has none of her own. The Shugo Charas are filled with bubbling excitement with the prospect of a new friend, but will the new girl be able to keep them out of mischief, especially as the mini personalities are now allowed adventures of their own?

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YangireQueen's avatar by YangireQueen on Oct 25, 2015
Score 4/10

Ok, I honestly enjoyed Shugo Chara.  It had a pretty good story, likeable characters, and nice animation.  However, Shugo Chara Party!! is honestly terrible.   Story Ok, so the story wasn't that different from the others.  They are still about defeating X Eggs and finding your true self.  HOWEVER, the main problem with Shugo Chara Party that I had was this:  The first 11 or so... read more

AnnaMichelle's avatar by AnnaMichelle on Aug 28, 2016
Score 4.5/10

First things first, new characters were invited to Shugo Chara. But with the pattern i've noticed the   new characters coming in are worst than the previous. Story was missing a lot especially Utau, Ikuto, Kukai, etc. It was more like listening to squeaky high pitched voices of clueless kids the entire time. The 2 new kids were way too clueless, which ruined the story. Though there some episodes without... read more

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