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3.781 out of 5 from 15,402 votes
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User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
Chaosrain Watching 5   3 star rating
charmlesslass Watching 2   not rated
chchuchinky Watching     not rated
cheerup12 Watching 1   2 star rating
CheeseCakeKitty Watching 10   not rated
chickamatsu Watching     not rated
chickyhannah Watching 24   not rated
ChiiMisumaru Watching 2   not rated
chiisachan Watching     not rated
Chin Watching 13   not rated
chiyoko Watching 7   not rated
chobits743 Watching 5   not rated
chobitsu Watching 12   3 star rating
chocolatekisses16 Watching     not rated
christiancapella2012 Watching 24   4.5 star rating
chronicdarkness Watching 3   not rated
Cindy28 Watching 3   not rated
cipher15 Watching 3   not rated
claymore101 Watching 6   not rated
Coio Watching 6   not rated
Colmillios Watching 5   not rated
cookiieez Watching 18   3.5 star rating
coolkan55 Watching 4   3 star rating
coolsaiah Watching     2.5 star rating
CoruptAngel Watching 13   3.5 star rating
couserseven Watching     not rated
Craig07 Watching     not rated
cran Watching 19   not rated
CraziAzn Watching     not rated
CrazyGadget Watching 13   not rated
CrAzYgOoNi3 Watching     not rated
creatortony Watching     not rated
CrimsonBlush Watching     not rated
Crimsonmon Watching 2   3 star rating
crimsonriver666 Watching 9   not rated
crisisangel64 Watching 8   3.5 star rating
Crispin Watching 1   not rated
Crossadder Watching 5   not rated
crovaxnsalash Watching 2   3.5 star rating
crowskater Watching 7   not rated
Cru3l Watching     not rated
CryptKeeper Watching 14   not rated
Cuco Watching 7   not rated
Curan Watching 9   4.5 star rating
Curt Watching 6   4 star rating
Curz777 Watching 3   4 star rating
cybe13 Watching     not rated
Cyberphreak Watching 4   2.5 star rating
cynan Watching     not rated
Cyndara Watching 18   not rated