Shokupan Mimi

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After accidentally falling into the oven as he was being removed, Kogepan, a piece of red bean bread, became burned. Unlike the other breads such as Kireipan and Ichigopan, Kogepan is somber and has a dark sheen. However, he’s joined by others that are burned just like he is, and together all of the baked goods have fun together talking about life and even taking a trip to the beach.

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chii chii says...

Do you like shows about bread? Like... Actual bread talking and stuff?! Look no further than these 2 short episode shows then! Both are about how awesome bread is and their bready adventures. Both are sure to make you smile with how adorable they are. Check them out.

Signas Signas says...

Both of these are really short and adorable shows about bread, their friends and daily lives.

Kari5 Kari5 says...

This recommendation is pretty simple: Both of these are anime shorts about bread! If you like cute talking food, then these shows are for you.