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In feudal Japan, the townsfolk are under attack by fantastical creatures that appear out of nowhere, summoned by henchmen of the evil Kokusengen. Coming to their aid is an ancient clan of calligraphers whose drawings come to life, whether in the form of a giant sword, a wall to protect them, or monsters to do their bidding. Shiro, Shimaki and Ena must draw and battle their way to victory before their adversaries' creations put them in the grave.

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AnarchicQ May 17, 2010
Score 4/10

What did I just watch? Granted I'm not a big fan of feudal Japan type settings but the premise of Shoka seemed interesting. Unfortunately I found myself constantly lost throughout this special. Plot points were made and dropped, even important sentences seemed to fade away without conclusion. I admire experimental styles of animation, but I found the colours muddy and I really didn't like the sketchy... read more



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