Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen

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The story takes place in a world where the two countries of Arandas and Ingelmia have been fighting for a very long time. Susumu Tokimune, a young man fighting with the Arandas forces saves a girl named Jamie Hazaford when she is attacked by the enemy. To survive, he uses the weapon Argevollen and fights.

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    Episode 0


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    Episode 1


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    Episode 2


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    Episode 3

    One Man Army

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    Episode 4


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    Episode 5

    Surprise Attack

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    Episode 6

    Run, Jamie!

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    Episode 7


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    Episode 8


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    Episode 9


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    Episode 10

    End of Absence

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    Episode 11


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    Episode 12

    Reika Nanjou

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    Episode 13

    Blue and Indigo

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    Episode 14


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    Episode 15


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    Episode 16


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    Episode 17


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    Episode 18


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    Episode 19


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    Episode 20

    Another Mind

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    Episode 21


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    Episode 22


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    Episode 23


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    Episode 24

    Silver Will

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theSentinel's avatar by theSentinel on Jan 21, 2015
Score 4/10

I think giving this 4/10 is gracious.  This anime is not only boring as hell, but simply pathetic in damn near everything is does.  If you want the jist of what I plan on talking about, then just know that this is a massive rant.  Hopefully, after reading this you will not waste your time. When I say this anime was boring, I mean literally everything was boring.  There was little to no... read more

toxshock's avatar by toxshock on Oct 10, 2014
Score 8/10

I am writing this after binge watching the first 14 episodes. I am quite surprised that Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen hasn't received better reviews, it currently stands at 2.68/5.00. My guess for this is that in the first few episodes it felt quite conflicted whether this was an adult or teenage storyline. It has the depth and subtleness of an adult story, with elements of the futility of war, politics, greed... read more



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