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When Shion was a young girl, her parents were brutally murdered; and the sight of their dead bodies in a pool of blood caused her to lose her voice. Years later, Shion is now a young woman who was raised by Shinji Yasuoko, a professional Shogi player, and his wife. Shion has become a Shogi player just like her adopted father, and is working her way towards becoming a female Meijin – a master of the sport. With powerful opponents and sinister strangers around every turn, and her parents’ killer still on the loose, Shion’s path to glory has never seemed more challenging!

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KiraRin's avatar by KiraRin on Sep 17, 2010
Score: 6.5/10

I have a guilty secret. Actually, scratch that – I have numerous guilty pleasures. However, what I need to confess to here is not that I cannot get enough shoujo-ai or detective anime series; one of my more recent professions has to be for a surprising love of shows based upon board-games. The passion was ignited by the powerful read more

Zabusan's avatar by Zabusan on Dec 14, 2009
Score: 8/10

Shion no Ou's description painted a picture in my head of Hikaru no Go + (a bit of ) Death Note, and it delivered on that promise...Kinda... If you don't know what shougi is (like I didn't at the time of watching) it's practically Japanese chess...Not knowing ANYTHING aboot Shougi/chess, I was rather hesitant to watch, but I figured I gave Hikaru no Go a shot, why not?! What's start out with a rather... read more

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