Shinryaku!? Ika Musume

Alt titles: Squid Girl 2

TV (12 eps)
4.034 out of 5 from 2,718 votes
Rank #730

One evening, after watching a film about invading aliens being defeated by humans, Squid Girl finds a new wave of enthusiasm for her own invasion. Determined to prove her formidable nature to everyone, the young invader decides to do everything in her power to get the fear and recognition she deserves. From putting her all into a jellyfish catching contest and facing off against a dog, to attempting to recruit a class of elementary school students to her cause, Squid Girl won't rest until humanity pays for polluting the sea... or at least until she gets her next fix of shrimp.

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Indecipherable's avatar by Indecipherable on Jul 1, 2012
Score: 7/10

NOTE: The overall score is NOT an average of the other values This sequel closely follows the path left by its predecessor. Not much in the way of story (don't expect compelling backstory or dramatic plot twists), just light-hearted day-to-day adventures of Ika and the gang. Expect a hearty dose of humor. Brightly-coloured and fluid, the animation does a fine job of conveying the feelings of the... read more

CaptainSlow's avatar by CaptainSlow on Jul 24, 2013
Score: 8/10

What I Liked: Consistent animation, bright simple visuals, good (but plain) character designs, great voice acting (especially from Hisako Kanemoto, the VA for Ika Musume / Squid Girl, and Rie Tanaka, the VA for Chizuru), unique characters (in terms of personalities, anyway). The transition from silly to serious in the last episode was less jarring than in the first season. What I Didn't: Slight... read more

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