Shiki Specials

DVD Special (2 eps x 24 min)
4.222 out of 5 from 2,537 votes
Rank #390

The hunt for the Shiki is in full swing, and with dawn approaching, the undead are desperately searching for somewhere to hide during the daylight hours. One group has ventured into the unused irrigation pipes at the edge of the village, but as they sleep their whereabouts are discovered. Then, as everyone continues to patrol the streets, Motoko Maeda suffers the consequences of her tragic encounters with the Shiki.

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NintenDanGX's avatar by NintenDanGX on Sep 21, 2014
Score: 10/10

Two brilliant additions to the story (which are already included before the final episode on DVD). One follows Hasegawa as he witnesses how evil the villagers can be when they ruthlessly slaughter the underground Shiki they once knew as neighbours, and the other follows wife and mother of 2 children Motoko Maeda as her mental state begins to deteriorate the longer the "epidemic" goes on. One will have... read more

MOJ's avatar by MOJ on Sep 17, 2011
Score: 9/10

There are two ways to look at this anime. Together, in addition with the original Shiki series, or alone. Does it matter which way you choose? Not really since this series is the spitting image of all that ever held the title of pure awesome.   Story This DVD Special tells the story of the whole Shiki series from the view points of a few minor characters. However, Shiki specials covers mainly the... read more

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