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Shijin no Shougai

Alt titles: The Life of a Poet

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  • Movie (1 ep x 19 min)
  • 1974
2.085 out of 5 from 23 votes
Rank #4,542


After his mother suddenly disappears and he is fired from his job for daring to confront his boss about unfair wages, a man begins to live a solitary life. Unable to relieve the suffering of his ex-co-workers, the man scribbles down encouraging words to hand out to them as they leave for the day. As the harshest winter the town has ever known sets in, all hope for survival seems lost, but amidst the snow, ice and suffering, one man awakens to his true calling as a poet.

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Name Role
Kihachiro KAWAMOTO Director
Joji YUASA Music
Kihachiro KAWAMOTO Producer

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Main Characters

Poet image Poet


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Both of these are experimnetal shorts by Kihachiro Kawamoto. They're both fairly abstract (though Tabi is far odder and more nightmareish) and use a similar cutout style of animation.


Both are short films that were directed and produced by Kihachiro Kawamoto.  Both have a similar animation style and both are abstract with plenty of symbolism.  However, they have different plots and Tabi is a bit darker.  Still, if you like Kihachiro Kawamoto's works and/or you would like to watch something different from your usual anime, then you should check out both.