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There are some things that can only be said after death. Aided by a talking staff that thinks it is alive, Fumika delivers Shigofumi, the last words and feelings of the dead in the form of letters, to their addressees. Whether they are letters of apology, revenge, or simply a final farewell, she always brings them to their destination. Delivering Shigofumi is not always an easy job; as some people refuse to believe such things as letters from the dead are possible, while others are afraid of what these letters might contain. But the mail must go through; what the recipients decide to do with it afterwards is up to them.

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gearheadofmeh's avatar by gearheadofmeh on Mar 8, 2010
Score 9/10

Shigofumi is strange.  It mixes an interesting premise, very dark themes and mental disorders with a touch of goofy humor.  It's episodic and yet has a coherent, overarching plot that gets developed in every episode.  It shouldn't work, but it really does.  Weird stuff happens, a lot of it.  But it still works somehow.  The format of the show is a quiet tough girl delivering... read more

Sakux's avatar by Sakux on Jul 4, 2012
Score 9.3/10

This anime has surprised me as it is the first anime I watch that make me think a lot of one of the main topics in human life: death. It delivers to the viewers some points of view of the death, and how some are produced by the evil of the human being, directly or indirectly and the majority of them society will never know, such as pornography, bullying, abortion, abuse, etc. Shigofumi also make me question... read more

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