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SHELTER, tells the story of Rin, a 17-year-old girl who lives her life inside of a futuristic simulation completely by herself in infinite, beautiful loneliness. Each day, Rin awakens in virtual reality and uses a tablet which controls the simulation to create a new, different, beautiful world for herself. But all is not as it seems…

Source: Crunchyroll

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hamletsmage Oct 18, 2016
Score 10/10

It's rare that I give anything a 10 nowadays, but Shelter deserves a 10 for for being one of the best animated music videos I've seen in a while. If I compared it to a full-length series, it might have scored lower due to it lacking things that I would expect in a series or even a full-length movie. However, as a music video, it has very little time with which to work, so I am basing my score off of this... read more

MaxiMaximus's avatar
MaxiMaximus Oct 18, 2016
Score 9.5/10

Speaking without Bias for the songwriter, this short story tells a Beautiful story that requires a few replays to understand. The Animation is done beautifully, with collaboration from crunchyroll and A-1 animators. The animation is top grade, which beautifully blends watercolor brush strokes with sharp computer generated colors, adding brilliant contrast. The sound is truly art, with the Anime focused soley to... read more



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