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Shaman King

Shaman King main image
3.709 out of 5 from 15,052 votes
Rank #1,281


The time has come for the next Shaman King to be crowned in the great Shaman Fight. Yoh Asakura is one such hopeful, a kind-hearted boy with a hidden power... and a terrible secret. Now, the fate of all mankinds rests in the hands of Yoh and his companions as they must battle the most powerful shaman who ever lived!

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Shaman King 1998 TBD
Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang 2008 TBD
Shaman King: Flowers (Pilot) 2009 TBD
Shaman King 0 2011 TBD
Shaman King: Flowers 2011 TBD
Name Role
Akio TAKAMI Character Design
Seiji MIZUSHIMA Director
Toshiyuki OMORI Music
Hiroyuki TAKEI Original Manga Creator
Fukashi AZUMA Producer
Takatoshi CHINO Producer
Katsunori NARUKE Producer

Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Shaman King KiraRin 5/10 Jul 29, 2009

Community Reviews

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Title Author Score Date
Shaman King ShamanKing 10/10 Jan 20, 2014
Shaman King roriconfan 3/10 Nov 8, 2012
Shaman King RAQ154 8/10 Aug 11, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
anime list Zieferx 329 Jul 2, 2014
My anime Shargus 26 Jun 12, 2014
Anime I watched before college Mcr1234Rocks 21 Jun 7, 2014
jantjeb stalled Shaman King at 7 of 64 episodes
Zapkiel rated the Shaman King anime 5/5 stars
Zapkiel rated the Shaman King anime 4.5/5 stars
ArchAngelL rated the Shaman King anime 3.5/5 stars
Seegggaaaaa watched Shaman King at 64 of 64 episodes

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Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi was a normal middle school punk until he was hit and killed by a car, while saving a child. His selfless action earned him the right to gain his life back and serve as a detective of the spirit world, keeping the world of the living safe from a myriad of demons. But being reborn has its price: Yusuke must hatch a spirit beast that will develop according to his actions, and if he doesn't act in a good and honest manner, it will eat his soul. Can Yusuke protect the human and spirit worlds and still manage to save himself in the process?

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Both series serve of the good-ol demon and ghost world. Both are long running animes with enjoyable arcs and resonable animations. But what personally connected the series most for me is the resemblance between Ryu and Kuwabara, both Yakuza style, both big mounth and a little heart, both funny as hell. Really...where DO they come up with this stuff?