Shaman King

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Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

Thirteen years ago, the demon Kazan placed a curse on the continent of Arad, causing legions of demons to sprout from the earth. One young man named Baron also suffered its effects and is cursed with a demonic left arm. Baron now travels the land with Roxy, the spirit who resides in his sword, in the hopes of finding a cure. They are soon joined by self-proclaimed ‘Gunner of Love’ Capensis who literally falls from the sky; freakishly strong fist-fighter Ryunmei; and troublesome young mage Ixia. As they traverse a world of underground fight clubs and axe-wielding demons, will the party be able to find a way to remove the jinx on Baron’s arm, not to mention survive Ixia’s attempts at using magic?

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keyzti keyzti says...

Even tough they don’t have the same plot (like the tournaments in shaman K), they have a similar animation style and a similar humour. The magic and spirits also appear in both of them. They are meant for the same audience so if you liked one you will probably like the other.