Shakugan no Shana Movie

Movie (1 ep x 86 min)
3.804 of 5 from 6,826 votes
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High school life was just beginning for Yuuji Sakai, and while still growing accustomed to new classmates and teachers, a larger truth hit him. One day he found out that demons known as Guze no Tomogara were devouring human’s existence, unbeknownst to but a few. That was the day when he met Shana, a red-haired and blazing-eyed hunter of demons, and that day his life would change forever. She told him that he was just the fragment of a human, and that demons would hunt him for a strange gift he bore within him. Although discarding him as a nuisance at first, Shana comes to admire his resilience, and Yuuji finds new strength and determination. As the story unfolds, their relationship changes and both tempt their fates...

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Scrittore's avatar by Scrittore on Dec 29, 2015
Score 5/10

this movie doesn't make sense if you saw all the series, and the story id different from the first series, it kinda suck read more

4EverDreamer's avatar by 4EverDreamer on Feb 11, 2010
Score 4/10

I can't help but compare this to the show, me having watched that first (which I rated 5 stars btw), and this doesn't measure up, not even close. What this is, is the taking of the first three episodes and then adding a big major battle at the end. The movie packed in as many characters as possible with little development. For me, it was pointless, and I wish I would have spent my time starting... read more

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