Shadow Star Narutaru

Alt title: Narutaru

TV (13 eps)
2.569 of 5 from 2,168 votes
Rank #4,908

While visiting her grandparents on a remote island, Shiina Tamai, our young protagonist, inadvertently finds a strange star shaped creature, which she names Hoshimaru. This creature, while seemingly harmless and unusual, holds many secrets. As Shiina and her new friend Akira soon find out, their creatures are much more than they seem to be...and against their will, they are thrown into a dangerous and hostile situation of trying to save the world from others who would use their dragonets to enslave it.

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sothis Dec 31, 2004
Score 7.5/10

It should be said that regardless of the description, Narutaru has two very distinct sections to it (that aren't really integrated at all, for that matter). The first 7-8 episodes revolve around Shiina and Akira with their dragonets, and the web of destruction and death they are drawn into because of them. Sound dark? IT IS. What's funny is that the first episode makes you think something totally... read more

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hellhammer6789 Dec 22, 2014
Score 7.5/10

So this is my second review ever, let’s get going! BE WARNED Narutaru is an anime that I got as an option in the «secret santa» game held on anime planet. I looked up this anime and it quickly got me interested. Just keep in mind that this anime is NOT for children. Do not let the first episode and the opening (which I will get to later) fool you. I have watched my fair share of horror... read more

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