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Shadow Skill TV

Shadow Skill TV main image more screenshots
3.326 out of 5 from 1,307 votes
Rank #2,049

User Stats - Stalled

Username Status Eps Rating
3v0m Stalled 13   3 star rating
90LSpimpin Stalled 1   not rated
Ace619 Stalled     not rated
Adrick Stalled     not rated
Aero Stalled 3   not rated
Airranger99 Stalled     not rated
Akakios Stalled     not rated
alexnbl Stalled 6   not rated
Alphastatus Stalled 16   not rated
Andarielle Stalled 1   not rated
AnimeGrl05 Stalled 5   4 star rating
animelust Stalled     not rated
aod6669dre Stalled 4   2.5 star rating
arasin2758 Stalled     not rated
ArcticNinja21 Stalled 4   not rated
arnab345 Stalled 10   3.5 star rating
artymisk Stalled     not rated
Astaroth0072 Stalled 2   not rated
Astrayghost Stalled     not rated
AyameNatsuki Stalled     not rated
Azteca452 Stalled     2.5 star rating
bakakitty Stalled 26   not rated
BakaOtaku Stalled 6   3 star rating
BatsuEvil87 Stalled 6   2 star rating
belsammael Stalled 4   not rated
blackpheonix Stalled 2   not rated
Blith Stalled     not rated
bloodlover Stalled     not rated
BlueRei Stalled     not rated
Boobsmagee Stalled     not rated
buwiestormwulf Stalled 1   not rated
caligolumen Stalled 15   4 star rating
camourl Stalled 14   not rated
cantcomeouttoplay Stalled 2   2.5 star rating
Ceaphyrel Stalled 8   2.5 star rating
Ceesebees Stalled     not rated
Chlose Stalled 3   not rated
cloudssj4 Stalled 10   2.5 star rating
cowdouble Stalled 18   not rated
CpEdward01 Stalled     not rated
damythebad Stalled 3   1 star rating
danhiiri Stalled     not rated
DarkDragon7 Stalled 14   3 star rating
darkelfus Stalled 24   2 star rating
darkraiders Stalled 3   not rated
Darkspleen Stalled     not rated
DaveBrickheart Stalled     not rated
deathblade1134 Stalled 13   not rated
DeltaNorington Stalled 5   4.5 star rating
DenderCage Stalled     3.5 star rating