Seto no Hanayome

Alt titles: My Bride is a Mermaid

TV (26 eps)
4.023 of 5 from 11,905 votes
Rank #784

While visiting his hometown, junior high school student Michishio Nagasumi's life was changed forever when he nearly drowned. Though he was saved by a mermaid named San, there’s a catch -- her family is part of a merfolk mafia, and they abide by a strict rule: If a mermaid is discovered by a man, either he or the mermaid must die. That is, unless the man marries into the family! Faced with such a decision, Nagasumi can only oblige their customs and become a "happy" newlywed. Now, with a new school year around the corner, Nagasumi must find a way to deal with his new bride, keep her true nature a secret, and most importantly, escape inevitable death at the hands of San's over-protective father’s gang!

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b0bthecheeseman's avatar by b0bthecheeseman on Jul 24, 2014
Score: 9/10

STORY: While the overall story is pretty generic (Harem romantic comedy with a loveable goofyprotagonist, airhead heroine, and tsunderes) the humor in the serie is amazing. Personally, I like the over the top and sudden humor, which this serie has plenty of. The characters often find themselves in random, sudden, and ridiculous situation and they face these situations with equal... read more

franko446's avatar by franko446 on Apr 1, 2013
Score: 8.5/10

Nagasumi, the main character, nearly drowns whilst swimming on vactation. He is saved by a mermaid named Son. However Because of mermaid law, once a human discovers a mermaid, the human must choose between marrying the mermaid or letting the mermaid be put to death. After excepting to marry Sun Seto, Nagasumi Will have to get past her father and others.

Seto no Hanayome is a really funny comedy type... read more

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