Serial Experiments Lain

Alt title: Lain

TV (13 eps)
3.917 of 5 from 16,436 votes
Rank #1,161

"I have only abandoned my body, I still live here" - are the words emailed to friends of Chisa, several days after her death by suicide. As Lain delves deeper into the world of the "Wired" (also known as the internet), the line between it and reality becomes more and more unclear. Close the world, open the nExt.

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babyeinstein12's avatar
babyeinstein12 Dec 7, 2010
Score 6.5/10

If the purpose of Serial Experiments Lain is to get your mind whirling, it succeeds. If its purpose is to get you thinking, not so much. This anime is a hit-or-miss philosophical cesspool that could either captivate or disgust. It’s like swallowing a series of shots that burn your throat and make you either... read more

CrystalGrace's avatar
CrystalGrace Oct 26, 2014
Score 8.5/10

Serial Experiements Lain   We have found it. Yes, we have found the MOST CONFUSING ANIME THAT EVER EXSISTED! SERIOUSLY, this makes Higurashi's plot make as much sense as the game of freaking hopscotch! What anime is this? You've guessed it, Serial Experiments Lain! Though it may be dated, is this anime using its plot as a masterpiece or one huge giant mess? Well, I think it's better to discuss... read more

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