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WIXOSS is a card game that's popular with teenagers. Supposedly there exist "Rulig Cards," female character cards with wills of their own. Special girls can hear the voices of the Ruligs, and those who possess them are called Selectors. These Selectors have card battles in a dimension that other humans cannot access. It's said that whoever triumphs in these battles will have their wish granted. Ruko Kominato is the latest girl to find a Rulig card. She names hers Tama, and without any further explanation is thrown into her life as a Selector.

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ShionTamagisa's avatar by ShionTamagisa on Dec 28, 2014
Score: 9/10

When is first found out about this anime, it was from recommendations for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It exceeded my expectations in most parts but let me down on minor parts. Let's start with the story, it was very good and complex . At first it seems like your runoffthemill magical girl story where a girl is goven a special thing that unlocks her potential, etc. But this one has a twist . Besides all of the... read more

thecrimsonclaw's avatar by thecrimsonclaw on Jan 18, 2015
Score: 9/10

Well, it's my first Anime review of the year, and what better way to make it a review of one of the biggest surprises of last year? This review will cover both seasons as both are equally as good, and are a part of the same continuity, and I don't find it necessary to copy and paste an identical wall of text for the second season, so my whole thoughts on the series as a whole will be... read more

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