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Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi main image
4.233 out of 5 from 2,433 votes
Rank #334

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123jellico Watching     not rated
afoobada Watching     3 star rating
AkiyamaYuu Watching 1   not rated
amberalbox5 Watching 1   not rated
Andolinka Watching 1   4.5 star rating
Anelais Watching 1   not rated
AngelxAnnihilator Watching 1   not rated
angelyrical Watching 1   not rated
AnimeFreaky Watching     5 star rating
Animelvr01 Watching     not rated
AnimeMama Watching 1   3.5 star rating
ayillici Watching 1   2.5 star rating
BananaCupcakes Watching 1   not rated
Begonie Watching     4 star rating
biichan24 Watching 1   5 star rating
blackkkat Watching     not rated
cee Watching     not rated
clear1140 Watching 1   5 star rating
crudewar Watching     5 star rating
diamondprincezz Watching     5 star rating
ditto8 Watching     not rated
DominateOne Watching 1   4.5 star rating
DominateOnekun Watching 1   4.5 star rating
drama50 Watching 2   not rated
DTMNXA Watching 1   not rated
duhitsmecca Watching 1   not rated
durararafangirl97 Watching     5 star rating
Elaress Watching 1   not rated
Elzi666 Watching     not rated
emnymrzc Watching     not rated
erikathestrange Watching 1   not rated
Fate Watching     not rated
frauzlein Watching 1   not rated
frizzygothgirl555 Watching     not rated
Fujoshi91 Watching 1   4.5 star rating
fullmetalguitar Watching     not rated
Gaichi Watching     not rated
GaoNouMoua99 Watching     3.5 star rating
Gessekai Watching 1   not rated
HannaInWonderland Watching     not rated
haruhianimelover1 Watching 2   5 star rating
Heidipurdy Watching     not rated
indiepanda Watching     not rated
Isekoin Watching 2   not rated
JayCzee Watching 1   not rated
JellybeanSins Watching 1   4.5 star rating
jet2r0cks Watching 1   not rated
Jiulie Watching 1   5 star rating
Join Watching     not rated
junjourainbow Watching     not rated