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Animes That Had Me Thrilled 💝😂by Anifetko

It's basically the animes that I liked most. 😂

Best romantic animesby Anifetko

My list is simple made-I'm showing you my personal choice of the best romantic animes , enjoy ^^

Fave Shounen Ai's (REDUX)by PurpleCatAngel

This is a redo of my favorite Shounen Ai animes.

YAOI is LOVEby ekkaiinam007

----> this was just some of the yaoi/shounen ai that I saw already. I

My Favorite Anime!by RedCherrychapstick

Note: semi alphabetical order

Lovey Dovey Modeby Kintoista

Romantic oriented anime I enjoy. The only order this list has are the first two animes. The rest is absolutely random :P