Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

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Ritsu Onodera has been admiring a classmate from afar for some time, even noticing when the boy rescues an abandoned kitten on the street. Things change, however, when the two bump into each other at the library one day and Ritsu confesses his feelings. What will become of this budding first love?

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PoeticHorrorShow5287 Aug 10, 2014
Score 7.5/10

Awesome beginning to such a wonderful show. I note to watch these 2 OVAs before the full show so you have some slight background. The first OVA is about Ritsu, our protagonist, and Saga who you find out later in the show is still around. The second story is about Tori and Chiaki and it's a little more straightforward than the first. Both stories give you an intro or prequel to the show and both of which hooked... read more

ffbfran's avatar
ffbfran May 28, 2016
Score 10/10

prequel that shows how  the love started read more

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The OVA takes place before the TV series, when Ritsu and Masamune meet in high school for the first time. However, the end of the OVA overlaps with the TV series, so it isn't a true prequel.

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The OVA is an adaptation of a flashback sequence in the manga.

Original Manga
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi - Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai (Light Novel)
  • Vol: 7+
  • 2011 - ?



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