Seitokai Yakuindomo

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Once a popular all girls' school, Ousai Private Academy is now co-ed due to declining birth rates. Takatoshi Tsuda, a boy newly attending Ousai solely because of the proximity to his house, is quickly forced to become the student council vice president and male representative of the school by president Shino Amakusa. Now looked upon as nothing more than a filthy pig by his female peers, Takatoshi must cope with learning about a whole new side of the opposite gender, hearing plenty of dirty sex and period jokes along the way!

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nasreen10's avatar by nasreen10 on Oct 9, 2010
Score: 6.9/10

Story: Seitokai Yakuindomo is basically a bunch of short skits put together. It's pretty random with little connection between scenes. Not too much plot but it didn't really lend itself to one. The anime followed the seasons and showed the typical scenes that happen in any anime with a school setting (cultural festival, sport festival, Christmas, Valentine's Day, school trip, and to the beach for summer)... read more

scizorg45's avatar by scizorg45 on Oct 10, 2010
Score: 7.5/10

Story 6/10 An all school girls turned co? All the girl being perverts (instead of the male students)? Oh boy, I got to watch this. (my train of thought reading the synopsis). If you’re looking for a decent plot or a nice story, go somewhere else. Seitokai yakuindomo doesn’t have either of it. Seitokai yakuindomo is about an all-girls school turned co. The girls don’t really mind... read more

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