Seikon no Qwaser

Alt title: Qwaser Of Stigmata


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Ecciest anime everby KBR

The ecciest anime I have seen in order of what I remember

Overpowered Formsby Zelsione

Anime Strongest Form Appearance

My Favorite Ecchi animeobssesivetomuch

This list includes all ecchi content, that I have deemed worthy to masturbate to, from panty shots to full blown sex. There may be a few anime in here that don't contain any ecchi, but are still here because they may use something fetish based...

Fan Favouriteby Toluwa3

The best anime i've ever seen and you'll ever see right here on my list LETS MAKE THIS LIST FAMOUS!!!!!!!!

Animes That Had Me Thrilled šŸ’šŸ˜‚by Anifetko

It's basically the animes that I liked most. šŸ˜‚

Top 5 Anime That Bugged The Crap Outta Meby s1104874

Anime being too predictable, or boring, or having endings with no closure, or well you get the point

Not Worth Watchingby Diddiken

In my opinion these animes got good reviews, but didn't quite make it up to my standards. I started Watching, but had to drop them.

Top 20 action animeby joseph213

Anime with decent amount of action alphabetical order