Seikon no Qwaser Picture Drama

Alt title: Qwaser of Stigmata Picture Drama

DVD Special (16 eps x 2 min)
1.92 of 5 from 796 votes
Rank #6,053

Ekaterina, Mafuyu and the gang are back, and ready for more sultry, steamy fun. While Hana tries to be an obedient 'dog' for her master, Katerina does her best to make the viewer her willing slave, catering to her every whim. Each of the girls will do their best to entice, usually without clothes in the process!

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Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on May 13, 2012
Score 2/10

I'll get straight to the point. If you haven't watched Seikon no Nipples, get out of here. If you have, you're a perverted dumbass. This Picture Drama is just like the original, only without bouncing. The titties only apply to the non-Katja-Sama parts, which is half of them and prevents it from going into lolicon territory. Mostly. I mean, the impication is there, but no nudity on Katja's part. Just... gets... read more

MikeSinner's avatar by MikeSinner on May 22, 2011
Score 0.1/10

So yeah, Story? There is none.

Animation? There is none.

Sound? Well, there is some talking done... In a way that some people would use their phone and get charged excessive amounts of money to get.... Well... Stimulated... >_<

Characters? Oh come on.
This is a picture show of 'erotic' variety that has absolutely no value what-so-ever.
I guess some people might... read more

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