Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

Alt title: Occult Academy

TV (13 eps)
3.473 of 5 from 5,795 votes
Rank #2,148

Maya Kumashiro is an uptight teenager who has returned to the Waldstein “Occult Academy” following her father’s death to assume his role as principal. With a hatred of the supernatural, she initially intends to run the school into the ground, but her plans are thrown into chaos when a new teacher, Minoru Abe, descends from the sky. Claiming to be a time agent, Abe informs Maya that he has been sent from the future to prevent the Nostradamus prophecies from coming to pass. With a rift to another dimension due to open at the Waldstein Academy that will lead to aliens conquering the earth, the unlikely pair must locate a mysterious object known as the Nostradamus Key and destroy it before humanity falls prey to the occult once and for all.

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  • MAYA's Prophecy image

    Episode 1

    MAYA's Prophecy

  • The advent of BUNMEI image

    Episode 2

    The advent of BUNMEI

  • MIKAZE blows through image

    Episode 3

    MIKAZE blows through

  • The collapse of BUNMEI image

    Episode 4

    The collapse of BUNMEI

  • KOZUE in the summer image

    Episode 5

    KOZUE in the summer

  • BUNMEI's distance image

    Episode 6

    BUNMEI's distance

  • MAYA's amigo image

    Episode 7

    MAYA's amigo

  • Mamma AMI~ya! image

    Episode 8

    Mamma AMI~ya!

  • AKARI of snow image

    Episode 9

    AKARI of snow

  • AKARI of fireplace image

    Episode 10

    AKARI of fireplace

  • MAYA's death image

    Episode 11

    MAYA's death

  • A thousand wind, the search for beauty image

    Episode 12

    A thousand wind, the search for beauty

  • MAYA's BUNMEI image

    Episode 13


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Kira's avatar by Kira on May 14, 2013
Score 10/10

The story is really good and well done. Lot of science, magic and supernatural events. Some parts are hard to understand because of scientific words or my knowledge. If you like monsters, poltergeist, any occult things then you sure will love this serie. Quite too short, hoping for a second season At first I thought it was a bit boring cause of how Maya was drawn but no, she don't need big eyes or any... read more

shrekfx's avatar by shrekfx on Aug 31, 2012
Score 7/10

This is a great series, has an awesome story to it and loved how everything was brought together. Wasn't a fan of the art work for the most part. The charicters kinda looked freaky on a bunch of parts, but it wasn't to horrible. Overal, it's an awesome anime. read more

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