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Some years into the future, a strange, unexplainable natural disaster has broken off a piece of the Japanese mainland. Known as the Lost Ground, it is now inhabited by people with Alters -- machine-like extensions of their own will. In order to keep the peace on the Lost Ground, the HOLY organization uses its own Alter capabilists to police the region. In the midst of the chaos is a young man named Kazuma, whose life will soon change forever as he discovers his hidden abilities, and how to wield them.

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Hajime's avatar by Hajime on Sep 24, 2010
Score: 9/10

Have any powers, which side of the quake were you on? Under 30? Well this series goes into the motions of one man, a savage man, with a heart of gold and a fist of pure fire. One of my top 10ers, this series gives new meaning to justice, and peacekeeping efforts, oh and who is the bad guy? this is hands in the air action folks. watch it only if you want to be entertained in similar fashion to tokyo... read more

Killerplautze's avatar by Killerplautze on Jan 14, 2010
Score: 9/10

When I am bored, I always search through the long list of animes which "could be good". And I am glad I gave Scryed a chance. It starts off pretty confusing. You get thrown into the world, without really knowing much about it, but the plot starts to unfold as you go along.The lost ground, where the plot takes place, is called the lost ground for a reason. After an unexpected natural disaster took... read more

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