School Rumble 2

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The second year of high school is starting and things are still as crazy as always. Despite numerous attempts, the ever-so-hopeful Harima and the overly-naïve Tenma failed to get their message of love across. Now they are pumped up for a new term and ready to renew their illustrious and self-destructing attempts at a confession! But be it a love infested manga or even a gigantic plate of curry; nothing seems to do the trick. What other methods can they take, as the old love triangle is expanding at an alarming rate?!

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Jehowi Oct 1, 2014
Score 7.7/10

School Rumble (season 1 and 2 review)

Storyline: 8. Harima Kenji is a high school delinquent with a crush on his classmate Tenma. But Tenma only has eyes for the mysterious and ever so absent-minded Karasuma. What follows is a funny story about unrequited love, where Harima and Tenma both try their best to get the attention of the one they love, but fail at each attempt and unwillingly get in each... read more

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Stang90 Jul 23, 2010
Score 9/10

--To read my review on this series in general, look here This review is just to point out this small differences between the two (Honestly I don't know why there separate in the first place).-- "School Rumble: The 2nd Semester" is the second season in the school rumble franchise, and very deserving of the title. It starts off... read more

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