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Jun 24, 2012

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School Days ends up being more of a social experiment, testing the audience’s will to accept change in decade old stereotypes. It is offering a most unorthodox twist in the end and stands back to see how the viewer will react to all that. It is meant to shock him into liking it but the probability of backfiring is simply too high. All because of the notorious fame of NTR (cheating on your lover), as well as because it was fooling around with a genre that still sells well and is meant to be pure escapism and identification to ideal situations.

To its core and most of the duration, School Days is indeed a school romance / slice of life story. Heck, the title itself is meant to fool you it is. The second half though goes for something which is definitely not one of the same old finales. In a way it is very unique for its genre. Unfortunately, all its appeal is based on last moment shock effect, and like all similar series which start normally and suddenly get all gory in the end (like Narutaru or Alien Nine for example), it is basically a slow build up towards a sudden free fall. It indeed leaves you in awe, especially if you are still new to the medium and were not spoiled of what happens in the end. After the shock passes and you calm though, chances are you will realize that the whole show is basically remembered just for its finale. And in case you are a hater of NTR (like most people are) then you will definitely hate the whole show instead of seeing it as something new.

This is a rather unfair side effect the show has, one that makes me lose hope in the genre ever managing to break free of its tired formulas. If you have watched enough school romances / slices of life anime, you probably know how there isn’t much variety to how things play out. The lead boy will either have his girl chosen since episode one with all the rest being just distractions, or he will choose one in the final episode, or in most cases he will not choose at all and leave it open-ended. None of these cases ever involved the boy choosing one girl before midway dumping her for another girl. Even in hardcore shoujo manga where such things are a lot more commonplace, the person who breaks a relationship is always treated in the most negative way. It will be characterized as arse, bastard, whore, traitor, and such things.

Such is the case with Makoto, our lead hero in School Days. He begins as yet another cop-out indecisive lead, unable to express his feelings to the girl he likes most. And as usual there are lots of girls who like him and constantly seek his attention. As the series moves on, he remains as such, but unlike practically everyone else of his stereotype, instead of choosing none, he actually gets to bang them all. He is still indecisive at which girl he likes to have sex with most but in his case he just tries to hoard them all instead of running away because he doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of everyone else he doesn’t choose. He eventually just doesn’t care anymore and turns completely apathetic towards it. This is what makes him a rather one-of-a-kind protagonist and after the countless harem leads I have encountered I actually liked the change for once. He is an inversion of the generic harem lead; not likable for a good reason, but hated for a good reason.

The problem of course ends up being how you will perceive this change. Just inverting things doesn't necessarily change them from bad to good. Just from boring to different and depending on your expectations the results vary. I liked it for the sole purpose of being uncommon and even one-of-a-kind. For once the guy is not constantly tormented by neurotic bitches; he just storms in and gets them all. Most others on the other hand, saw it as a turn from a typical school romance to a NTR hentai and just hated his guts. If one is not tired of the same old romantic stories playing out in the exact same way, and expecting all of them to turn out the same, then he will hate any attempt at changing the formula. Which is again what I was talking about innovation being accepted in such a cold manner and embracing the stereotypes even firmer. Ever wonder why anime are getting staler by the year? This is why; the majority loves the stereotypes and dislikes change.

Before you misinterpret my words here, I must clarify that I am not a supporter of NTR or cheaters or whatever. Makoto is meant to be hated as a character but that is exactly what should give credit to the show instead of bogging it. It is different! It is a twist! It is an insight to the story of a cheater in a non-hentai title. And it doesn’t even end just like that either; one of the main female characters is damn memorable for her going insane and batshit violent in the end. One of the boldest cases of yanderes in anime ever! Why dislike it so much? It is a wonderful new aspect to look into. And don’t tell me there aren’t many lustful teenagers out there going for as much variety as they possibly can and there aren’t women who go all crazy and violent about it. Or is it purely the fact that school romances / slices of life anime are supposed to be solely about fan catering, escapism, and sheep viewing? And again, this is better to be seen as a social experiment (aka trolling) instead of a pure school comedy. If you expect to identify with the lead character and hope to see a most ideal situation, then yes you will hate it. If you try to see it as something different, you may even end up perceiving it as a farce instead of a deconstruction or a twist. It is really hard to accept sudden changes in a genre that is meant to be pure escapism. It’s like watching porn that midway changes to a philosophical debate about the meaning of life. It’s not going to work well.

On the other hand I do admit that only the finale is what ends up being remembered for, which is little for a 12 episode show. It is a shocking idea that took 10 episodes to slowly build up before it jumps of a cliff in the last two. A bit weak in this regard.

As for the rest of the technicals, the production values are good in terms of coloring, shading, and outline consistency. Voice acting ain’t bad either. And for once everything looks like it popped identically out of the eroge it is based upon. Ah, yes, I forgot to say it is based on a game which is famous on its own for other reasons. Not only it is the first game to offer video cut scenes instead of just static pictures, it also had a big number of bad endings, most of which were bloody and horrifying. The same feeling passed to the adaptation and you indeed have the main story played out as it is. And for once it didn’t hold back on either the sex or the nasty turnaround of the protagonist. It wasn’t a mediocre simplistic school romance, nor an emotionless 2 OVA hentai with zero plot. It was both! The perfect combination! With added gore and insanity for a finale! Heck, the finale was so brutal that they replaced the last episode with an irrelevant boat video, the fact of which created a trope of its own. “Nice boat” now is a term for series whose last episode is just so damn shocking it just gets removed or heavily edited. And needless to say, I liked it a lot.
… The ending, not the boat.

As you can understand, the value of this anime is big. Even if you hated it and never plan to watch it again, it will forever be remembered for its bold attempt to do things differently. It didn’t exactly succeed but a big hooray for TRYING TO BE DIFFERENT DAMMIT! Infamous or not, I sure give it some credit and a small place in history. Even bad publicity is still publicity.

At this point I must stress out how I usually hate shock effects in anime and I always vote down on them when I see them. Someone reading how I give a credit at School Days for using shock factor, while at the same time doing thumbs down to all the rest, seems like a contradiction on my part. Well not really. In all those other shows I am so negative about, the shock effects there come literally out of nowhere or end up being more interesting than the characters themselves. This is not the case here; the splatter thingy in the finale is something that can happen in real life as well and the characters turned out as such in a believable way. There is no magic, or mind control, or time travel, or any other crap to add a supernatural aspect that makes everything feel like random nonsense. Everything in this anime felt like REAL LIFE, unlike other anime (Narutaru, Higurashi, Madoka) where the high amounts of shock effect are forced through uncanny means that bent free will or common sense. Over here, it is pure FREE WILL and NO BS MAGIC STUFF. And I know how anime are more fun when it’s about handseals, magic swords and rubber pirates, but that is not why I liked this anime. It felt real. And most hated it for that. Such a shame…

7/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Apr 30, 2016

My suggestion.....don't even start this anime.

I read some reviews and understood that it was light at the beginning and later got rather dark, but dark is not the word I would use for this anime. Annoying, irritating, infuriating, etc is what I would use.

It starts out with the main character, a male, who develops a crush on this girl and his classmate who sits next to him decides to help get him together with her. It's quite obvious early on that the classmate will develop feelings for the main character as well and cause a problem. It's a common theme and easy to spot. The predictability of this story is not the problem. The problem is the main character is jerk face and many other words I won't use on here but I'm sure you get the idea. He is the enemy of women and guys probably wouldn't like him either. He is with his crush but just because she doesn't want to start kissing right away and having him touch her in certain ways he begins to lose interest in her. Meanwhile, his class mate continues to encourage him and decides to help him prepare for when the girl is ready by letting him practice on her. Of course this horny bleep head falls for his classmate after being able to touch her and do things I'm pretty sure are not allowed in school. His girlfriend is all excited about him and really loves him but he begins acting indifferent towards her and indecent towards his classmate. Although his classmate knows this is wrong (although she should have known letting him practice on her was a bad idea to start with) she doesn't tell the girlfriend and neither does he. Eventually the girlfriend finds out but wants to fogive him except she can barely get him to give her the time of day much less talk about what she heard and why he did it. At the same time there are other girls with interests in this guy too. This guy just lets himself be driven by his primal desires with little to no regard for who he might hurt. Morals? Ethics? I don't think he knows the meaning of those words. It's infuriating! I just kept watching waiting for the guy to get what he deserved.

I have very mixed feelings about the end of the story. I wanted to watch it to see the main character get what he deserved but it wasn’t what I thought, or rather, it was, but he wasn’t being a jerk when it happened so it felt different. There is nothing about this story that is cute or happy. You know where it’s going the moment it begins, although maybe not how extreme it will be, which is why I didn’t even bother putting a spoiler alert. It’s predictable. Still, there were some unexpected things, but I think the most unexpected thing was the insanity of the ending. I didn’t really expect it to go that far. It’s  just an infuriating tragedy that doesn’t feel like it has a purpose except maybe as a warning. The ending wasn’t exactly the most conclusive either. I just recommend you forget you ever heard of this anime and don’t even bother. I like horror and dark themes and I don’t even mind main characters being a little bad, but this was almost unbearable. Just walk away from it. Honestly, I wish I had.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jul 26, 2015

School Days Review:


Oh god this anime. Just…oh god. I’m not even quite sure why I’m reviewing School Days. No one asked me to do it, no one cares, and then here we are! If you’ve been living under weeaboo rock or just any rock in general you probably have no clue what this anime this is and/or why it is so polarizing and notorious. And if so, then boy do I have a review for you! So, let’s not waste too much time (I mean we could I’m up for that), let’s I guess go out and review School Days (spoilers probably ahead by the way, it’s not like anyone cares)!


Additional Notes:


School Days is a 12 episode long anime done by Studio TNK back in 2007. It was originally a visual novel by 0verflow that was released two years earlier. This anime is notorious for picking a horrible route in the game and adapting it into the anime, including the most famous and hilariously sudden anime endings of all time.

This anime is rated TV-MA for eventually obvious reasons, so viewer discretion is highly advised.




If Madoka Magica is king of deconstruction in the magical girl genre, then School Days is the king of deconstruction in the harem genre. But at first, like Madoka Magica, it wasn’t even like that at all. So the story is about Makoto Itou, a typical high school boy who starts falling in love with Kotonoha, a big breasted yet sweet girl in his grade. His friend Sekai tries to get Makoto to go out with her, and succeeds. As the show progresses in the love between Makoto and Kotonoha in your typical harem plot, we start to figure out there may be more to the story than the typical can hold…

Like I said, at first School Days was your generic cute harem anime that had nothing special. But once you continued to watch the show, everything was blown way out of proportion! Sex, cheating, affairs, violence, bullying, like Jesus Christ did someone sneak into the writers office and just f*ck everything up?! It’s bad and unexpected, but I will give it credit for what it was doing. Why? Because this is one of the first animes to actually show what would happen if the harem genre was a real life thing. I mean come on, most of the stuff in this anime is pretty much accurate to what it would be like! So yeah, I’ll give credit to where it is due.

And then there’s the ending. Holy crap when I first saw it I couldn’t tell if I was laughing at how bad but relieving it was, or crying at how bad but relieving it was! Like seriously, pretty much everyone was just torn by it, it just came out of nowhere! But anyways, MOVING ON!




If you thought the SAO characters were the worst cast of characters to me, you clearly don’t even know about this anime at all! Pretty much every single character except for Kotonoha is a complete douche bag with no remorse or a soul that even I couldn’t stand any of it! How about we start with Makoto, huh? At first, I thought he was just a bland dude but at least was trying to be nice. And then, I thought he was just a sex [email protected]! Like seriously, could he be anymore dumb?! Now, let me say this, for those saying that this guy was the villain and the worst character of the show…you are probably wrong. Yes, he is awful, but Sekai was the worst. Sekai is the mastermind behind this abomination of a show and I was just waiting for her to have a torturous demise in the end! Makoto was dumb, obviously, but I don’t think he deserved to die because it wasn’t entirely his fault, he’s just doing what he was taught to do what was “right.” Sekai was the one that taught him and thus she’s more of the villain. Even when Makoto realized he was being a jerk and wanted to return to Kotonoha, Sekai was acting all sad saying she was pregnant even though no one was going to give her sympathy because she did not deserve it. If there’s anyone that deserved the sympathy, it had to be Kotonoha. Though she was mostly bland and plain, she was more tolerable then the other characters, which made me actually enjoy her. She was treated like crap in the beginning, still treated like crap, and then probably treated like a psychopath at the end (possibly, it didn’t show much of what happened after all of the abomination in the ending). I wanted to give Kotonoha a huge hug, and even though this makes me sound crazy, what she did in the end was probably the right thing to do, at least better than just standing there and watching all the hell happen in front of her.

Every single other character are jerks and I don’t care so I’m moving on!


School Day’s animation is definitely nothing special, average at best. I mean, for an anime like this, the animation doesn’t have to be that grand or anything, but since this was made in 2007 and to me that’s the big year animation started modernizing to what it is now it’s pretty freaking bad. There isn’t that much movement besides to mouths of the terrible characters, the character designs are both weird looking or very generic, and everything else is average. Not much else to say, just average.



If there’s anything remotely good in this anime, it’s probably the music. Though there’s a lot of it, the tracks are actually pretty good but mostly forgettable. Sure the openings and endings are generic, they’re at least tolerable. My favorite song is definitely “Kanashimi No Mukou He” which is the song that plays in the notorious ending. Not because it reminds me of it, but because it’s just really good! So yeah, not much else to say!



For any normal anime watcher, avoid School Days at all costs because it is very bad. The story is bad, the characters are bad, the animation is average, and the sound is fine but also forgettable. However, if you are more of an odd anime watcher who watches for the sake of reacting to it for the ride and/or the curiousity then I sort of recommend it. It’s definitely accurate with its “morals” and “themes,” but that’s really it. Overall, just try avoiding it and I’ll see you later!


Next Review: Pupa (And just when you thought I couldn't possibly review another bad one!)


(If you have any questions or corrections about this review or School Days, contact me! :D)


5/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Dec 19, 2014

SPOILER ALERT - You have been warned.
If your curiosity still gets a better hold of you then be my guest and continue reading.

Watched this years ago when I was in high school. After about...5 years? Rewatching it again. And I really have to say, growing up makes you view things in a more realistic perspective.
I used to rate it half a star for the screwed up, immoral storyline but now I'm changing that to a 4 star and giving you a sugar coated review of this so called "atrocity" of an anime instead.
You lots might be baffled by why a person would do such a thing for an old and community rated "terrible" anime. Well, I'll reveal why shortly. It's also sort of a semi-rant at the anime community.
I clearly think that School Days does not receive the commendation it so rightfully deserve.
You did not read that wrong and it was not a typo. And no, you are not imagining things.
This anime right here, is a work of art.
So before I start to sound like a war veteran trying to share his story in the Nams, I'll start with my review.
I personally think school days is a more realistic take towards what will happen if a harem were ever to exist. I do not hate school days as I can personally relate to what is happening within the anime itself. No joke, this anime is a tough reality pill to swallow.
Here's my take on this whole thing.

If Sekai hadn't kissed Makoto and seduced him before he even had the chance to kiss Katsura that he likes then clearly this whole playboy ruse wouldn't happen in the first place and the main guy and gal would live happily ever after like how people who take the blue pill would love. It was his awakening, thus growing more perverted by the episode and this is how strong a butterfly effect is, it's completely relatable to real life.

Of course it's up for debate whether Makoto could practice self-discipline and sexual abstinence himself and not get caught up in being unfaithful but hey, human are animals in the end and men have primal instincts as well. Not to say you should hop onto every single opposite sex you set your eyes on the minute you feel the slightest bit of arousal. But maybe these girls are just unlucky enough that they fall for a beta male who can't get his shit together, Y'know? In our vast planet clearly theres a guy who is the exact clone of Makoto, you may never know. But in real life, guys like him don't attract any girls anyway so it's safe. My point being the settings can be made up since it's an anime afterall. So no point being all butthurt, giving negative reviews and complaining how much of an asshole Makoto is. Of course I do pity Katsura too but yaw, it's just an anime.

All in all this anime got such a bad score because the anime community is composed 90% of gapmoe, tsundere, moeblob loving otakus who escape reality by watching anime. They care more about the cuteness of the voice and character instead of a well-aligned plot/story. Hence, the downfall of genuine crafts such as gundam 00, full metal alchemist, darker than black or any other  anime with a more realitic light to it.
Okay, maybe calling those a downfall was an exaggeration but hey, I don't see much or any anime produced by those animation companies after releasing their respective "non-fun" titles. The new gundams are horseshit that would even make a blindman scream in agony on how terrible the overall anime is.

Before you get all salty, I just want to say that I have my fair share of getting caught up in fantasies as well. I adore Asuna from SAO. I do not hate Sword Art Online but I clearly think this anime has a better story compared to it. There, I said it. However, getting drown constantly in eroge setting isn't my cup of tea. Afterall, only watching a single genre of anime is boring as hell since too much or too little of anything isn't always good.


I would recommend it to anyone wanting to watch something "interesting" or "different". The story is kinda complex, it hurts your feelings, there's drama, but it's damn exciting. Kinda like a roller coaster ride. And no I'm not S nor M. I'm also not high on drugs, drunk or blazin' it 420. All of this is my genuine opinion. It's also my first review on anime-planet so don't hate! Peace.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Apr 3, 2013

This is one of those anime where the idea was much better than the actual show itself ended up being.

It gets a LOT of flak for "one dimensional characters" but i think that's a lot more to do with the short run time than anything else. Had this been a 24 episode series it would be even more amazing than it already was. As it is, it's my absolute favorite "harem drama" and what i would gladly call important to the genre as a whole. It takes the harem genre and pulls it aside, forces it to examine itself and say "no, that's not how that would happen". It's by far the most realistic depiction of what would happen if a fairly introverted high school boy started dating the most beautiful girl in his class, followed by other attractive girls basically throwing themselves at him.

It's easy for guys to white knight it and say "no way would i act like that" but saying and DOING are two different things. This show felt more honest to it's characters, as one dimensional as they were, than any harem anime i've ever seen has. I also have yet to see ANY harem anime that DOESNT pack itself to the gills with one dimensional trope girls, so even that excuse doesn't stand.

Either way, all in all this series moved me, to tears in more than a few places, and will always be one of teh best, most important anime i've ever seen.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
9/10 overall