School Days


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School/Slice of Lifeby madian

List of anime about school life and/or slice of life that I have watched.

Top 10 worst anime i've ever seenby Perixx

[Deadman Wonderland]-Dropped it as soon as it started- [GTO]-Also dropped it soon as it started- [Higurashi no Naku Koro ni]-One word disturbing- [No Game No Life]-Seemed okay at first but it got boring fast- [SAO2]-Why did it have to be like...

Favorite animéby uno90showbiz

Favorite animé; series and movies. Only the top 20 of this list is ordered.

HaHaHaHarem + Reverseby Ahrt

TOP 10 that stuck in my mind. Take into account that they can stick in the mind for being so BAD proceed with caution.