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Bad Animeby SparklingLilac

A list of Anime that I have watched but that made my eyes bleed

Top 100 Animeby bentobox

My, personal, top 100 anime. A bit nostalgia weighted. ;)

Shitty Storyby Lennon

This is my list of anime's with shitty stories! Not necessarily bad anime's though.

Top 10 Best Hidden Gems (Anime)by qweewq22

These are ten anime series that never really made it into the limelight to get the appreciation they deserve Keep in mind the order is once again in accordance to my personal experience with each show, and your mileage may vary.

Anime I Oddly Enjoyedby NinjaMushiLP

I typically don't enjoy a bad anime but there are certain times when...

Ambiguousby SoraSama

Titles with Ambiguous Endings, Arranged In Alphabetical Order.

Next to watchby CancerSnatcher

Planning to watch as soon as possible.

Unhappy Endingsby SoraSama

Titles with unhappy endings, arranged in alphabetical order.