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School Days

School Days main image more screenshots
2.815 out of 5 from 17,562 votes
Rank #3,126


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Main Characters

Kotonoha KATSURA image Kotonoha KATSURA heart unheart
Makoto ITOU image Makoto ITOU heart unheart
Sekai SAIONJI image Sekai SAIONJI heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Hikari KURODA image Hikari KURODA heart unheart
Kokoro KATSURA image Kokoro KATSURA


heart unheart
Nanami KANROJI image Nanami KANROJI heart unheart
Otome KATOU image Otome KATOU heart unheart
Setsuna KIYOURA image Setsuna KIYOURA heart unheart
Taisuke SAWANAGA image Taisuke SAWANAGA heart unheart

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Minor Characters

Kumi MORI image Kumi MORI heart unheart
Minami OBUCHI image Minami OBUCHI heart unheart
Natsumi KOIZUMI image Natsumi KOIZUMI heart unheart