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Commentary on every anime I have seenby spennamonsumo

My thoughts on every anime I have seen. (Will need to rewatch all shows I have not seen in some to update my opinions on them).

Anime released by Discotek Media officially in Englishby bvincent

Still working on adding the details and a couple of newer announced titles.

Anime Badgesby fuckssake

How to obtain some of the anime badges. I will comment on all the ones I've watched myself just to keep track, but you don't have to pay any attention to that. Feel free to use this list as a guide to get some of the badges, and I'm sorry if I...

Junior Otakuby KimDestructo

Anime I've watched in middle school

Worst anime I've seen (just don't watch)by spennamonsumo

Just don't even bother with these shows

Romance animeby loop1326

Romance anime I recommend that are on a more serious end that most romance anime

Waste of Time!by metalheadotaku

Animes I feel are a waste of time (In my opinion)

My Anime Timelineby Dekken

Anime that I have finished in order, starting at the first show I watched and ending with the most recent show I finished. Dropped shows or shows I am still watching are not added to this list. (To Love-Ru: Darkness OVA needs to be removed.)