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Samurai Pizza Cats

Alt titles: Kyattou Ninden Teyandee

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2.918 out of 5 from 1,818 votes
Rank #2,919


In the village of Little Tokyo, Speedy Serviche, Poly Esther and Guido Anchovy run a pizza delivery service; but little do the townsfolk know that when danger lurks, the Samurai Pizza Cats spring into action to take down evildoers where they stand! Seymour “Big” Cheese and his right hand birds Jerry Atric and Bad Bird are on a mission to take over Little Tokyo, and it’s up to the Samurai Pizza Cats to stop them. Pizza, robots, and lots of missiles abound in the fight against ongoing evil! Do the feline crusaders have what it takes to protect their town and sling delicious pies?

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Name Role
Noritaka SUZUKI Character Design
Yoshio KABASHIMA Character Design
Shinji TAKAGI Director

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Title Author Score Date
Samurai Pizza Cats roriconfan 6/10 Apr 25, 2012
Kyattou Ninden Teyandee roriconfan 6/10 Apr 25, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
My Favourites Suiminyaku 65 Oct 29, 2013
Anime That I watched triniman15 481 Oct 4, 2013
Favourites BlueberryPancake 57 May 15, 2013
granavel wants to watch Samurai Pizza Cats
Qem dropped Samurai Pizza Cats anime at 3 of 54 episodes
Qem dropped Samurai Pizza Cats
tootalls watched Samurai Pizza Cats at 54 of 54 episodes
Stil rated the Samurai Pizza Cats anime 2.5/5 stars

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Doraemon (1979)

Doraemon (1979)

Nobita is dumb, lazy, and slow, and as a result of his lack of motivation, any future generations in his bloodline are cursed with poverty! Therefore, to help him in his path to succeed, his great-great-great-great grandson visits him from the 22nd century to give him a gift: a blue mechanical cat named Doraemon who has a 4th-Dimensional pocket full of strange gadgets. Unfortunately, Doraemon's talents are inevitably misused for such things as peeping, practical jokes, and general tomfoolery. Can Nobita save his successors, or is he doomed to stay a loser forever?

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Doreamon and Samurai Pizza Cats share the same feeling that you find in old anime. The innocent plots, simple humor and constant doses of fun make these series a good recommendation for each other.  

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Satsuki and Keichiro are new students of the haunted Amanogawa Elementary School - a school where their late mother attended as a child. Soon they meet the perverted Hajima Aoyama and #1 spirit researcher Leo Kakinoki, and thus their ghost hunting group is formed! WIth the help of Satsuki's mother's ghost diary and the crafty wiles of Kaaya, a cat that has been possessed by the demon Lord Amanojaku, the gang will seal away ghosts in order to rid Kaaya's body of Amanojaku and save the day. Can the four friends manage to seal away toilet ghosts, deadly nurses, creepy dolls and a variety of supernatural phenomena, all while passing their classes?


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Both have a hilarious English dub. These two are prime examples of GOOD North American dub-localizing. SPC is a tad less obscene than Ghost Stories, but nonetheless hilarious.