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In an age when samurai enhanced their bodies mechanically, a great war broke out. After the war's end, these "Bandits" (having become mere robbers) have lost their samurai code and now rob villages for their rice and women. The peasants of Kanna Village are filled with despair and agree to hire some samurai to retaliate, but with only rice in their food stores and no money to offer, it seems that time is running out. Now, the villagers must set out to look for samurai willing to accept such a deal -- but are there still such men that abide by the samurai code, and protect the weak?

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SmugDude Oct 31, 2007
Score 9/10

Samurai 7 is a great anime adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's classic 1954 film "Seven Samurai". In Gonzo's adaptation the original story of class-based struggle is transplanted into a futuristic world that conveniently resembles feudal Japan. Though in this pseudo-futuristic anime world samurai's can slice through giant mecca, chop bullets in half, and deflect laser blasts with... read more

Rbastid's avatar
Rbastid Jun 26, 2016
Score 7/10

An anime take on the Kurasawa classic ends up becoming a classic of its own by expanding the story of the legendary Seven Samurai. Story - 8/10 The first half of the series is based, somewhat closely, on the original Kurasawa film. While the setting might be in a future ruled by robots and the Samurai now have god like powers, the plot and interwoven stories are still running side by side. The real... read more

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Samurai 7
  • Vol: 2
  • 2006 - 2007



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