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The planet Latis is under attack by the Space Dragon Salamander, its war planet, and the Bacterian horde, which is destroying everything in sight; Latis's defenses are ineffective, and its people are losing all hope. Three heroes from the planet Gradius join Lord British in defense of his beloved planet Latis.

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Halex Dec 1, 2013
Score 7/10

Well, this is an anime ova from '87 so the quality is good for its time. The story was suprisingly good, however, I recommend you watch the second OVA first "Salamander: Meditating Paola" as this happens before in the timeline and they spoil the end in the first OVA, which is totally ridiculus.  read more

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TheStampede01 Apr 28, 2012
Score 6/10

Story- Typical good guys(Gradians) v.s evil colony/hive mind type aliens(Bacterians). Some decent twists here and there, but nothing noteworthy. This series is based off the Gradius and Salamander game series. Which are oldschool 80's schoot em' ups. Animation- Actually pretty decent. Lots of great actions scenes with many ships, lasers and explosions. and the boss battles were particularly well animated. The... read more



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