Sakura Wars OVA 2

OVA (6 eps)
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As Ichiro Ogami, the captain of the Flower Division, prepares for duty in Paris, he begins to recall the memories he shares with his team. One by one he reflects on his teammates, and thinks fondly on the events that brought them closer together. From deadly assassins from overseas to haunted studios and even the threat of arranged marriages, the Flower Division has been through thick and thin. As he bids them farewell, holding dear to him the moments he had with each of them, he looks into the uncertain future, emboldened by the bonds he has with his teammates...

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Komirai's avatar by Komirai on Oct 3, 2012
Score 6.3/10

One of the problems that faces all studios, regardless of their medium, is how to build on success. The most obvious solution is to create a sequel, however as most people know, the sequel is rarely on par with the original, and it's unfortunate that following the success of the Sakura Taisen game and the OVA Ouka Kenran, the follow-up anime is guilty as charged.

Released in 1999, Sakura Taisen: Gouka... read more

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