Sakasama no Patema

Alt title: Patema Inverted

Movie (1 ep x 99 min)
4.411 of 5 from 4,296 votes
Rank #161
Sakasama no Patema

Princess Patema lives in an underground world,​ but one day tumbles headlong into a void and out into the wide open world above the surface.​ Age is a student on this surface world when he spies Patema hanging upside-down from a tree.​ He pulls her down to safety,​ struggling to keep her earthbound.​ Together they master the art of navigating competeing gravitational forces and set out to discover the secret that keeps their worlds apart.​

Source: New Video Group

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duchessliz's avatar
duchessliz Jan 14, 2015
Score 8.3/10

   In a world where people live in an underground city where it's somewhat dark and confined they still live quiet and enjoyable lives. However, one girl by the name of Patema dreams of seeing the real world and exploring the surface. Her curiosity takes her to the danger zone in one of the underground tunnels and although she's been warned to stay away several times she cannot seem to help... read more

Aly7's avatar
Aly7 May 10, 2014
Score 7/10

It has been a while since i have done a review since i haven't watched anime for a while. but since i have started to get into them again, i thought it was time go give reviewing another go since i missed it so much. i particularly decided to review this movie because i noticed that there were hardly any on the movie. and it's simply too good for that to be the case. so here it goes!
Visually... read more

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