Sakamichi no Apollon

Alt title: Kids on the Slope


Custom Lists

Romance Animeby Benzia

List of romance anime I've enjoyed alot! Keep in mind that these are all only the first seasons, if you've enjoyed an anime be sure to check their page to see if there is another season or OVA. Hit me up if you have a certain anime request I'll try...

Romance-Cravings Be Gone!by UsagiDandere

Best romance (my humble opinion!)

Anime with an Interesting Art Styleby glazed

These animus listed may not be the best animus of all time, but they do deserve a bit of credit for their interesting and unique art/animation. Although there are many shows with stellar animation, I want to focus more on the art style that these...

Romance Animeby s1104874

From tragedies to happy endings these are the anime that capture your heart through a love story even if love isn't the prominent feature

The Best Romance Animeby justanotherg4mr

The best mature romance anime, not comedy based ones that ruin every romantic situation

Sweetby selvi

this particular anime genre I called sweet is anime with sweet and lovely story

Anime Challenge 2016by kamokude

Mostly for Summer, but my MAL challenge list.